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Bold predictions for the 2018 NFL Draft

Anywhere Josh Allen goes will be bold

Wyoming v UNLV Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

TJack, it’s nearly draft time, and with it, draft predictions. As we do each year, we need to be bold. Not Sylvester Stallone instructing Canelo Alvarez to ice his face with a steak bold, but “Mike Mayock throwing his hands up, looking off camera because he can’t believe what just happened and he’s just going to sit this one out and save his voice” bold.

The Cleveland Browns will actually draft a good QB.

This is the franchise that passed on Carson Wentz and DeShaun Watson but did draft Cody Kessler and DeShone Kizer. And way before that they took Tim Couch over Donovan McNabb, and Brandon Weedon in the same draft as Russell Wilson, and traded up for Brady Quinn. The most shocking thing they can do is get the QB position right. - Dave

The Cleveland Browns draft Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson.

The Browns nail this draft by taking TWO QBs! If Allen pans out, they’ll move Lamar to WR. If Jackson pans out they can move Allen to TE. If neither pans out they’ll have to more receivers with nobody to throw them the ball. - Tyler

Hey it worked for the Redskins! Sort of!

The Colts go trade crazy.

I liked the Colts trade back, they’re the one team that should be stockpiling picks. So I want to see them trade back like four times. Just keep hoarding picks in one draft over multiple years like you can do in Madden. Out Browns the Browns. - Dave

The Giants pass up on Saquon Barkley and a QB for an offensive lineman.

Conventional wisdom says to take a QB, considering Eli Manning is 37, was benched last year, and only plays at a pro-bowl level sporadically. Did I also mention the Giants haven’t scored 30 points in forever? The franchise that drafted Eli Apple and Ereck Flowers with Top 10 picks. They rely on other teams making mistakes to prevent them from doing so. Sitting in the drivers seat at 2, they won’t have the luxury. Here’s to another rag doll for Brandon Graham. -Tyler

The Eagles will trade up.

Everyone expects them to trade back. But no one is expecting them to trade up. Not only will they trade up, they’ll trade up to 20 with the Lions.... immediately after the Cowboys pick. They’ll suck all the wind out of the sails of Cowboys fans in attendance. It’ll be beautiful. -Dave

Whoever drafts Lamar Jackson will request that he be announced as a WR. - Tyler

I’m dying here. You know how they come out with a jersey with a 1 on it? He could come out with an 81.

Josh Allen won’t be a top 31 pick.

The opinions on him by the draft community (i.e. people not actually running teams) run the gamut, but ultimately their opinion isn’t worth anything on draft day. It’s not unprecedented. Geno Smith was seen by many to be a 1st rounder, and he wasn’t, and that was in a bad draft for QBs. The only reason Teddy Bridgewater was taken in the 1st round was because the Vikings traded up for him at 32, and with the Eagles expected to trade back a repeat scenario could happen. And those guys weren’t nearly as polarizing as prospects. -Dave

The Raiders draft Derrius Guice and Gruden moves him to fullback.

It’s no secret that Jon Gruden is partying like it’s 2003. He’ll run 98% of the team’s offense from under center while carrying three fullbacks, including the one of the future in Guice. If we’ve learned anything it’s that fullbacks are the cornerstones to championship teams. Heath Evans taught me that. -Tyler

Georgia will have more players drafted than Alabama.

The Tide affirmed they’re still on top with their come from behind win in the title game, but Georgia did win the SEC and Kirby Smart has been a great recruiter. Edging out Bama on draft day will be another sign that the tide is starting to turn (I can hear the groans from that pun and I’m not apologizing for it). -Dave

Washington will draft a QB, something they failed to do when Kirk Cousins was in town.

The Redskins failed to groom a replacement for Cousins, instead choosing to get older at the position by trading for Alex Smith and letting Cousins walk without compensation. However, they’ll draft somebody like Mason Rudolph who received the Cian Fahey kiss of death before Fahey himself blocked everybody humanly possible then deleted his account because there wasn’t anyone left to block. -Tyler

JT Barrett will be Mr. Irrelevant

The Falcons have the last pick in the draft, and they are in position to take a flier on a project QB. Backup Matt Schaub will be 37 when the season starts, so they have a need for a backup down the road. In 2013 they took Sean Renfree with the 249th pick in a 254 pick draft, so it fits their philosophy. -Dave

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