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The Eagles’ announcer for their (potential) second-round pick is ... a surprising choice

But why?

Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

We now know who will announce the Philadelphia Eagles’ second-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft hosted in Dallas. Assuming the Eagles acquire one of those picks, that is, since they don’t have a Day 2 selection as it currently stands.

The announcer, if needed, is apparently going to be ... David Akers.

... what?!?

Look, I mean no disrespect to David Akers, who was rightfully inducted into the Eagles’ Hall of Fame last season. He’s a legend. He was the first kicker I knew growing up watching the Eagles as a kid. Love the guy.

But how is he the perfect choice for the Eagles to put up on stage and rub Philadelphia’s Super Bowl win in the faces of Cowboys fans? How is this the best response to former Dallas wide receiver Drew Pearson trolling Eagles fans when the 2017 NFL Draft was hosted in Philadelphia last year?!

I thought it was going to be Eric Allen, who offered his services back in February. Or Brian Dawkins. Or Jason Kelce. Or just about anyone who can yell about the Eagles winning the Super Bowl and is not a freaking kicker! I don’t doubt Akers can be feisty but c’mon. How is he the ideal choice.

Now, there’s no guarantee the Eagles even acquire a second-round pick (though it’s easily attainable by trading down from No. 32), so this could all be moot. And perhaps the Eagles are planning for Dawkins or Allen or someone else to troll the Cowboys at some other point. If that’s the case, Akers announcing the second-round pick is tolerable, though still not ideal because the trolling will have better visibility in the second-round as opposed to later on in the draft.

I really hope the Eagles have something planned to mess with the Cowboys. If not, that’s going to be extremely disappointing. This is a unique chance for the Eagles to rub their Super Bowl win in the face of a division rival the year after a Cowboys player taunted Philly fans at the draft hosted in our city. Don’t waste it!

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