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Nick Foles: “I would love the opportunity to be a starter again”

Eagles quarterback opens up in television interview.

NFL: Super Bowl LII-Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles recently did an interview with Texas TV station KVUE. I recommend watching the entire video because Foles is a little less guarded than in a typical media setting. He comes off especially honest.

One of the more interesting things that came up in this interview is Foles’ desire to be a starting quarterback once again. Some have suggested the 29-year-old is merely content with being a backup but based on what he said that’s not the case.

Q: Where do you go from here after winning the Super Bowl?

FOLES: Yeah, I think the first step is we start our offseason program the 16th [of April] in Philly. We love Philly. I know there was some stuff going around, a possible trade, and I would love the opportunity to be a starter again. I know my spot in Philly. I think I’ve shown what I can do. I’m signed for one more year and I love the team, I love the city. I’m excited for Carson [Wentz] to get back on his feet. I’ll be ready to go whenever they need me. But we’ll see. Just living in the moment. Get ready for this offseason program. It’s been a real quick offseason. Super Bowl was only a few months ago. But I’m excited to see all the guys because we all go our different directions, so we’ll all come back together in that locker room. There’ll be some new faces. Some faces gone. But we’ll be the Philadelphia Eagles once again and we’ll have a great offseason.

Q: And the crazy thing to me, and for us normal people, non-NFL stars, is that you’re a Super Bowl MVP, and now you’re involved in trade rumors. Oh, Carson Wentz is coming back, you’re going to be sent away, you’re going to be traded. How tough is that to deal with, whether it’s true or not? But seeing rumors, hearing rumors, getting asked about it all the time?

FOLES: Yeah, I think it’s a very unique situation. I think the big thing with Philly is I have such a great relationship with all the personnel decision makers that if there ever does come a day where I am traded or something does happen, it’s going to be an open conversation. We’re excited to go back to Philly. I’ll be back there in a few days. I don’t know what my career holds from here on out. I’ve been very blessed for the six years I’ve played. I would love to start again and do all that, but we go year by year and we’ll just enjoy Monday and seeing all the guys after an offseason away of being Super Bowl champs.

Now, I’m not suggesting Foles is trying to force his way out of Philly. He clearly likes it here, as he’s said countless times.

It’s also clear that the Eagles aren’t willing to simply take whatever offer they can get for Foles. Philadelphia highly values the veteran signal caller as a backup to Carson Wentz, who is still working his way back from an ACL injury.

With all that said, Foles’ comments confirm the expectation that this will likely be his last year with the Eagles. He could look to sign with a team that will at least let him compete for a starting job when he becomes a free agent after this season, assuming he’s not traded and extended before then. If Foles does sign with another team, the Eagles could potentially reap a compensatory pick in the 2020 NFL Draft depending on his contract.

For now, Foles gives the Eagles a strong backup option behind Wentz. Factor in Nate Sudfeld as the third string passer and it’s easy to argue Philadelphia has the best quarterback room in the NFL.

Once again, I encourage you to watch the entire KVUE interview. Foles talks about how he overcame his struggles in the regular season, how his faith helped him get through tough times, and more.


[Hat tip to r/Eagles on finding this interview]

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