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Surprise: Eagles not interested in Dez Bryant


NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s a shocker: the Philadelphia Eagles are not interested in signing free agent wide receiver Dez Bryant, according to multiple reports.

In case you failed to detect my sarcasm, allow me to say this isn’t surprising at all. I already explained why the Eagles signing Bryant doesn’t make sense.

It is worth noting that the Eagles employ Bryant’s college wide receivers coach, Gunter Brewer, after hiring him this offseason. But it’s also worth noting the Eagles have a mere $1.8 million in cap space. Bryant is going to be out of their price range even if they did want him. And besides, there’s really no need to add another expensive veteran to the mix of Alshon Jeffery, Mike Wallace, Nelson Agholor, and Mack Hollins. (Picking a young, cheap receiver in the 2018 NFL Draft is a different story for the Birds.)

If you’re still unconvinced, check out what Les Bowen had to say about how the Eagles’ decision-makers feel about Bryant.

So, yeah. Bryant isn’t going to be an Eagle. Most BGN readers seem to be OK with that.

With reports that the Giants and Redskins aren’t interested in him either, it looks like Bryant won’t get his wish of staying in the NFC East to try to make the Cowboys regret dropping him.

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