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Jason Peters posted a video of Carson Wentz slinging a football around the Eagles weight room

Comeback szn.

Just letting you know ahead of time: there’s going to be a ton of updates on Carson Wentz’s recovery from ACL/LCL surgery here on Bleeding Green Nation this offseason. As there should be. He’s kind of an important part of this team’s success moving forward.

Jason Peters posted a video of Wentz (and other injured players from 2017) grinding hard in the Eagles’ weight room last weekend. Now JP is back with another weight room video featuring the ginger man he calls ‘The General’ slinging the football around while sitting on his butt.

(Additional nickname ideas: “The Ginger General”? “The Ginger Head Man”? I guess not.)

his is crazy

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Good to see Wentz still getting some throwing work in while he’s not able to fully utilize his legs.

All those reports about Wentz grinding hard to get ready for Week 1 of the 2018 NFL season aren’t just fluff. You can tell this dude is really putting the work in. He’s obsessed with getting back on the field and leading the Eagles to greatness just like he did in 2017.

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