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The Eagles found a place to display their Lombardi Trophy

Beautiful, man.

NFL: Super Bowl LII-Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl, there’s been some question as to where the team would store their first Lombardi Trophy in franchise history.

Eagles insider Dave Spadaro raised the topic in one his of columns and I’ve even had a number of people email me about it.

Well, good people of Bleeding Green Nation, the answer is finally here for you. The Eagles are storing their Lombardi Trophy in a case at their headquarters — the NovaCare Complex — in South Philly.

As you can see, the George Halas Trophy from the Eagles’ NFC Championship Game victories in 2004 (bottom left) and this year (bottom right) are also on display.

To give you some perspective, this trophy case is on the right after you walk into the lobby through the double door main entrance of the building. This means that any free agents or draft prospects who visit the NovaCare Complex will immediately see the Eagles’ Super Bowl trophy upon entering the facility. It should serve as a nice reminder of what this franchise has been able to accomplish and should hopefully entice people to want to come be part of something special in Philly.

With the Lombardi Trophy being stored at the Eagles’ private facility, it obviously won’t be able to be viewed by the public. But the Eagles did make an alteration to Lincoln Financial Field for everyone to see.

Sweet, indeed.

The Eagles will also be raising their Super Bowl banner to the rafters inside the Linc prior to the 2018 NFL season opener on Thursday, September 6.

Turns out being world champions has some cool perks.

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