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More than two months later, Vikings fans are still whining about Minnesota’s embarrassing loss to the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game


NFL: NFC Championship-Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

64 days have passed since the Philadelphia Eagles kicked the crap out of the Minnesota Vikings in the 2018 NFC Championship Game.

You would think this would be enough time for Vikings fans to accept the loss and move on, but apparently not. Vikings fans are STILL complaining about the behavior of Eagles fans.

Apparently there’s a new “report” that reveals the NFL is “investigating ugly behavior exhibited by some Eagles fans” on January 21, 2018. This “report” comes from Mike McFeely of Inforum, whom I’ve never heard of before. Also interesting how no national outlets have picked up this “story.” Hmmmm!

Look, we’ve already written a lot about this whole situation. I’m not about to rehash the entire thing.

But here are a few things I did want to say.

  • Vikings fans continue to claim their bitterness doesn’t have to do with losing the NFCCG in embarrassing fashion. They say they’ve accepted that loss. They’re only bitter about the behavior of Eagles fans. My thoughts: BULL F***ING SHIT. You seriously expect me to believe they’d still be talking about this if Minnesota won that game? Give me a break.
  • Don’t you find it interesting how there wasn’t a single peep about Atlanta Falcons having a nightmarish experience at the Eagles game in the Divisional Round?
  • It’s almost like Vikings fans want the Eagles to vacate their Super Bowl title and give it to them instead. Or that Vikings fans want Eagles fans to feel so guilty about what happened in the NFCCG that they can’t enjoy the Super Bowl win. Or some other stupid thing. I don’t even know what they want at this point.
  • I don’t enjoy stereotyping a large group of people (admittedly not a great way to start a sentence), which is what Vikings fans are doing with Eagles fans, but man is this the softest fan base ever or what?

I mean, look at THIS!

This is just pathetic and embarrassing.

Just take the L and move on already.

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