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Here’s video that Michael Bennett’s sister recorded of her brother running onto the field after 2017 Super Bowl

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Following the news of Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Michael Bennett being indicted for a felony, his younger sister, Ashley Bennett, went on a Twitter rant where she said “I literally have the video on my phone.”

Her claim does not appear to be entirely baseless. Bleeding Green Nation has discovered video that Ashley Bennett recorded of herself and her brother running onto the field at NRG Stadium after Super Bowl LI in 2017.

Note that this specific video does NOT show Michael Bennett’s alleged incident with security. There’s a gap from the time she was celebrating in the stands until she started actually running out to the field with her brother Michael.

It’s possible Ashley Bennett still possesses the unedited footage of any events that took place between those two moments. It’s also possible she wasn’t recording in that span. We’ll see.

For now, here’s a clip of the footage we could find.

For what it’s worth, it doesn’t look like anyone tried to stop either Bennett family member.


(Hat tip to Bleeding Green Nation reader Cory)

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