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Michael Bennett’s sister claims she has video of the alleged incident (UPDATE)


NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

During a press conference on Friday, the Houston Police Department stated they do not have video or photographic evidence of the alleged incident leading to Michael Bennett being indicted for a felony.

Bennett’s sister, Ashley, however, claims she does have video evidence that would potentially prove her brother to be innocent. Here’s what she tweeted on Friday before making her Twitter account private. (Read the tweets from bottom up.)

For those wondering about the authenticity of her account, the verified accounts of her brothers Michael (@mosesbread72) and Martellus (@MartysaurusRex) both follow her on Twitter. Ashley also has an Instagram account with the same username as her Twitter handle, and her brother Martellus has tagged her in photos of all three siblings together. In other words, it checks out.

As you can see, Ashley Bennett claims she has been advised not to post the video publicly.

We’ll see if anything becomes of this. Perhaps the video, if it truly exists, will shed more light on what really happened. Or maybe it won’t.

Only time will tell.

UPDATE: Ashley Bennett DOES has video evidence of herself and her brother running out onto the field (CLICK HERE). Now, does she have video of the alleged incident? That remains to be seen.

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