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The first free agent quarterback domino has fallen

More moves to come.

NFL: NFC Championship-Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The first NFL free agent quarterback domino fell while you were sleeping last night.

Case Keenum, formerly of the Minnesota Vikings, reportedly intends to sign with the Denver Broncos, according to NFL insider Adam Schefter.

This move has a number of implications elsewhere in the league.

Keenum’s departure from Minnesota now clears the way for Kirk Cousins to sign there. With Denver now out of the hunt, the New York Jets and Arizona Cardinals are the other two teams trying to land Washington’s former starting quarterback. For now, all indications point to the Vikings as being the favorites to ink Kurt Coupons.

The teams that don’t land Cousins will still be in the mix for a quarterback. It’s quite possible they start calling about Eagles backup quarterback Nick Foles. We already know one AFC team reportedly offered Philadelphia a second-round pick for the 2018 Super Bowl MVP.

The Cardinals still seem like the most logical landing spot for Foles. They only have the No. 15 pick in this year’s draft, so they can’t necessarily count on landing the rookie they want. Arizona also has the seventh fewest cap space in the league at $19 million, so that makes it harder for them to compete against other teams in free agency.

As if it wasn’t already obvious the Bills have their sights set on trading up for a young quarterback, they just moved up to pick No. 12 this year by sending Cordy Glenn to the Bengals. Kind of similar to how the Eagles moved up for Carson Wentz in 2016. Really, Buffalo has enough picks to both trade up for a rookie AND acquire Foles. If that was the case, they’d really be copying the 2016 Eagles by hedging their bets at the quarterback position. I don’t think that’ll be the case, though.

The Jets could be interested in Foles. But maybe they just plan on bringing back Josh McCown and pairing him with a rookie quarterback drafted at No. 6 overall.

It’s obviously still early in NFL free agency; it hasn’t even officially begun yet. But some of the potential landing spots for Foles are already filling up. We can rule him ending up with the Broncos, Browns (who traded for Tyrod Taylor), and possibly the Bills at this point.

The NFL quarterback landscape will continue to be worth monitoring as it pertains to Foles. His roster bonus is due by this Sunday, March 18. The Eagles can save $5.2 million in much-needed cap space if they trade him by then.

We’ll see how it goes.

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