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Eagles News: This Super Bowl team truly fits Philadelphia like no other

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 2/9/18.

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NFL: Super Bowl LII Champions-Philadelphia Eagles Celebration Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Eagles see themselves in us and that’s why this is so unique - NBC Sports Philadelphia
I’ve never seen a team that is a better fit for its city than this one. Times have changed and the modern NFL has very little in common with the old APFA of a century ago. But what this team does share with those teams is a very deep, strong and profound bond between the players and the fans. Just like those factory workers who were the early pro football players in Columbus and Dayton and Chicago and all those other Midwestern industrial towns truly represented the towns they came from, so does this group. It’s different, of course. These guys didn’t grow up here. They haven’t spent their lives here. But, man, they get this city and what we’re all about. Something unique and something beautiful happened here these last few weeks and month, and it’s something that goes beyond simply a really good football team winning a bunch of games and then a Super Bowl. No, this was far more meaningful to both the team and the players because there is such a unique bond there, one you rarely find in sports. There’s no question that we as a city can appreciate this team more than any other Super Bowl champion has ever appreciated its football team.

Even more Eagles Super Bowl shirts for you - BGN
World champs!

Winners and losers from the John DeFilippo hiring in Minnesota - PhillyVoice
Eagles WR coach Mike Groh: One of the most improved areas of the Eagles’ roster this season was at the wide receiver position, where guys started actually catching the football and making plays, unlike the previous two seasons. Part of that was better talent. Part of it, such as the progression of Nelson Agholor, can be attributed partly to Groh. Groh has experience coaching quarterbacks (Louisville 2010), and he himself was a two-year starting quarterback at the University of Virginia before signing with the Baltimore Ravens in 1996 as an undrafted free agent. In a Q&A post, Chicago Tribune reporter Brad Biggs noted that when Groh left the Bears to join the Rams’ staff a few years ago, he did so partly because he had hoped to become the Bears’ quarterbacks coach, but was passed over for the job. It seems Groh would likely be interested in the quarterbacks job.

The Greatest - Iggles Blitz
The Eagles were a lot of fun to watch on the field this year. They won a lot of games (and even the Super Bowl in case you hadn’t heard), but they were fun to watch because of how they played as well as the results. 2017 was an incredibly fun year. They were also a lot of fun off the field. I know some of you don’t like their politics, but it is beyond me how anyone could watch these guys and not like them from an overall perspective. They didn’t fight with each other based on egotistical matters. They didn’t get arrested. They were generous and active in the community. Maybe more than anything, they showed a genuine love for each other.

Eagle Eye: How The Eagles Won The Super Bowl -
There were so many positives to take away from watching the Eagles beat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII, particularly on the offensive side of the ball. This was the definition of a shootout, with both teams putting up a combined 1,151 yards. That was the most combined yards in any game in the history of the NFL (not just Super Bowl games, mind you, but EVER). Having gone back and watched the film, there were a handful of things that really stood out above all else. Nick Foles was as good on film as he was live. The things that stood out most about Foles’ performance were his ball placement as well as his poise and pocket movement. Those traits helped lead him to an MVP performance. The game plan was outstanding. The Eagles were a step ahead of Bill Belichick and Matt Patricia at almost every turn. The lone turnover came on a fluky play downfield on a bobbled 50:50 ball, and the offense moved the chains nearly at will. Doug Pederson, Frank Reich, and the rest of the offensive coaching staff were really remarkable in this game with the level of preparation the players showed against New England’s defense.

Eagles are well positioned for a Super Bowl repeat - ESPN
Wentz’s left knee will be a big topic of conversation this offseason. He tore his ACL and LCL in Week 14 against the Los Angeles Rams. The target return date is Week 1, but it’s not a slam dunk. Oftentimes, a player does not return to form until after full season. Assuming he can get back somewhere close to his MVP-caliber self, the Eagles appear to have a legit chance of making another run at this. Does anybody think Wentz will let them have a Super Bowl hangover? He was thrilled for Foles but no doubt is hungry to be hoisting a Super Bowl MVP trophy of his own. That could be the X-factor as the Eagles look to repeat.

Mike Lombardi On Doug Pederson: ‘The Guy Did A Tremendous Job’ - CBS Philly
“Look, he’s right, what can you do?” Lombardi said of Kelce’s comments. “The guy [Pederson] won a Super Bowl. The guy did a tremendous job coaching the team. In that game, they did a great job. They won. They played the game kind of how I thought they would, and I’ve said all along they were going to be a tough matchup for the Patriots.”

Will DeFillippo push Vikings to make a play for Nick Foles? - PFT
Nick Foles, the man who carved up the Vikings two weeks before becoming the Super Bowl MVP, thrived in Philly under the tutelage, in part, of new Vikings offensive coordinator John DeFilippo. So will DeFilippo nudge the Vikings to try to make a deal for Foles? During an appearance last week on PFT Live, Vikings G.M. Rick Spielman acknowledged that the team’s next offensive coordinator would have input regarding the team’s next quarterback. And DeFilippo may be prepared to make a pitch for Nick.

Postseason QB Stats: 2017 Update - Football Outsiders
It looks like the best shot of getting Mark Sanchez out of the top five is for Nick Foles to start another playoff game. Foles comes up just short of qualifying for this table with 146 passes in four playoff starts, but his DVOA would lead everyone at 56.6%. Fittingly enough, Foles trails only Jeff Hostetler (58.1%) for the highest passing DVOA for anyone with at least 50 playoff passes since 1986. Both quarterbacks won a Super Bowl after taking over for an injured starter late in the season. Hostetler also had two highly efficient playoff starts for the 1993 Raiders. We’ll see what the future holds for Foles after one of the best postseasons by a quarterback.

2017 post Super Bowl, final PFFELO NFL Power Rankings - PFF
Wow. While we’d like to say we saw this coming, we’re all wrong. With only scant (and mostly poor) data on Nick Foles going into our algorithm after Week 17, we gave the Eagles only an eight percent chance of winning the Super Bowl. With our numbers and the market fading the Eagles all through the NFC playoffs, we saw what was one of the best coaching efforts in modern NFL history by Doug Pederson and his staff. Against New England in the Super Bowl, they went for it (and converted) on fourth down multiple times, punted once and overcame a late-game surge by the Patriots to come from behind and win a shootout despite playing without their starting quarterback, left tackle, middle linebacker, ace special teams player and all-purpose running back. The play of Nick Foles (over 300 yards and two touchdowns when kept clean) will be what everyone remembers, but the contribution of mid-season acquisition Jay Ajayi (6.3 yards per carry), bargain free agent LeGarrette Blount (90 rushing yards) and undrafted rookie Corey Clement (100 receiving yards) should receive due praise in the history books.

Josh McDaniels’ Decision Is Sign That Patriots Future Will Be Guided By New Leadership Core - Sports Illustrated
Mostly, it was this: After all the infighting, who was going to want to work for the Eagles? Roseman found the right people, resoundingly. And so there’s our lesson for the week with the Super Bowl winners serving as professors: It’s nice to have a strong GM and head coach, but those guys better have good people behind them. It’s also the biggest lesson Roseman himself took from 2015, the year Kelly exiled him and Lurie empowered Roseman to travel and do research on running a pro sports team. He met with Yankees GM Brian Cashman, then-Red Sox GM Ben Cherington, Spurs GM R.C. Buford, as well as shot-callers from the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder, NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks and Chelsea and Manchester City of the EPL. There were others, too, in business, and in total Roseman gleaned information from more than 20 organizations in an effort to grow as an executive.

Anne Gordon to leave the Eagles - Inquirer
Anne Gordon is the person who kicked Jeff McLane out of the press box in Week 17 of the 2016 season.

‘We grew up green’: Fan stories from the Eagles’ Super Bowl parade - The Athletic
“I’m 58 years old so you can figure that I started watching football when I could watch TV. Yeah, so we go way back, to when they was playing with them leather helmets on. I saw them playing in the snow with those things on. … The whole team is my favorite, we could not have done it without the whole team. It’s not one man, it’s not one guy, it took a team to get us where we’re at today. … I was in my living room [for the Super Bowl]. I have bad knees, my knees went out on me. I happened to get up, I ran all the way a block. They carried me back. I got my life together, and I brought me, my granddaughter, my niece and my great niece over here. We were over here partying till like 1 or 2 o’clock in the morning. Open heart surgery, bad knees, bad feet, I’ve done it, I’ve been here, I’m waiting [for the Eagles to come down Broad Street]. Yes I am.” – Denise from Camden, N.J.

Schefter: Vikings to hire John DeFilippo as Offensive Coordinator - Daily Norseman
When it comes to finding a new Offensive Coordinator, the Minnesota Vikings made us wait just about as long as they could. However, in the end, it appears as though they got “their guy.”

Lingering thoughts as the Patriots’ Super Bowl loss wears off... - Pats Pulpit
Almost immediately after Sunday’s game ended and it hit me that the Eagles had defeated the Patriots in the Super Bowl, I was surprisingly happy for the city of Philadelphia and their fans. That city has endured some pretty crappy sports over the years. It’s been years since the Sixers have made any noise, although they have mastered the “tanking for a lottery pick” game better than anybody. The Phillies won the 2008 World Series and then made it back again in 2009. But that was a decade ago and not much has happened since. But then the 2017 Eagles just kept winning, even after superstar quarterback Carson Wentz blew out his knee in December, and they kept winning all the way to their first championship in franchise history. So yeah, I was happy for Philly fans. But then they started one of the most outrageous riots I have ever seen, more or less tearing their beloved city limb from limb. They were flipping cars over, setting buildings on fire, ransacking and robbing convenience stores, tearing down light poles … and that’s just for starters. I’ve heard of crazy things happening when a city celebrates a professional sports championship, but I have never heard of anything this extreme. So it’s safe to say that I’m not happy for those fans anymore. They don’t deserve to win championships if it only means they are going to destroy their city. If I’m an Eagles fan, that Super Bowl 52 victory is forever tarnished.

[BLG Note: Lol, get a grip.]

Eagles parade 2018 live updates: Highlights from Philadelphia’s Super Bowl celebration - SB Nation
The city of Philadelphia has been waiting since the birth of the Lombardi Trophy to celebrate a Super Bowl win. So let’s face it, Eagles fans haven’t STOPPED celebrating since Sunday. But Thursday’s parade was about as epic as we expected. The only bad news for Eagles fans was that they didn’t get unlimited free beer. But that’s probably good news in the long run. Here’s all the best/weirdest/dumbest/drunkest/most arrest-y highlights from the Eagles’ Super Bowl parade.


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