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Carson Wentz received a ring and gave a ring this week

Congrats, Carson!

Carson Wentz is set to receive a ring due to the Philadelphia Eagles winning Super Bowl LII on Sunday night.

Carson Wentz, not one to be selfish, also gave away a ring this week. Not his championship ring, though. Instead: an engagement ring.

Congrats, Carson!

Wentz’s fiancé is Madison Oberg. It’s unclear exactly how long they’ve been dating since Wentz was seemingly still with his high school sweetheart, Melissa Uhrich, when he first got drafted into the NFL.

Between winning a Super Bowl and getting engaged, it’s been a pretty good week for Wentz. Obviously it would’ve been even better for him if he could’ve been playing, but the 25-year-old has plenty of time in his career to get back to the big game.

Speaking of, all reports indicate that Wentz’s ACL recovery is going very well. On Sunday, it was reported that it’s ‘realistic’ that Wentz can play in the Eagles’ 2018 season opener. It remains to be seen how the injury will impact Wentz’s performance, but if he’s anything like his 2017 NFL MVP-worthy self, the Eagles should be in great shape to compete for another ring.

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