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Nick Foles called his own number on “Philly Special”

We’re never going to get tired of this play

Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

In advance of the Super Bowl edition of Inside the NFL, Showtime and the Eagles released some teaser footage of the “Philly Special”, featuring Foles mic’d up, that only adds to its legendary status. It was Foles who called the play, asking Doug Pederson if he wanted to run the “Philly Special.”

Foles simply asks Pederson “you want Philly Philly?”

Pederson thinks about it for a moment. “Yeah, let’s do it.”

And then it happened.

Clearly it was on Pederson’s mind, as it was put into the playbook for the Super Bowl for a situation like this. That Foles was the one who called it and that Pederson didn’t hesitate to run it only make this incredible play even greater.

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