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Super Bowl Final Score: Highlights from Eagles’ win over the Patriots, 41-33


NFL: Super Bowl LII-Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles DEFEATED the New England Patriots on Sunday at U.S Bank Stadium by a final score of 41 to 33. Read on for a recap and highlights from the Super Bowl! (Click here to watch the BGN Radio postgame show if you can’t see the video below.)

EAGLES WIN THE SUPER BOWL BGN Radio walks to Broad St!

Posted by Bleeding Green Nation: For Philadelphia Eagles Fans on Sunday, February 4, 2018


Eagles call tails but lose the coin toss. So much for tails never fails. Patriots elect to defer. Philly’s offense is up first.

Kenjon Barner takes the opening kickoff to the 26-yard line. Nick Foles completes his first pass to Nelson Agholor for a 4-yard line. Nelly’s gonna get a lot of targets in this one. And just as I type that, he gets another catch to bring up 3rd-and-4. Foles scrambles to his left and finds an open Alshon Jeffery. Too easy. LeGarrette Blount gets the first carry of the game and it goes for a 1-yard loss. C’mon, Jay Ajayi is better. Foles’ second down pass to Torrey Smith is incomplete. But then his third down throw to Torrey is caught! Wow, that was shades of the David Tyree helmet catch, sorta. Ajayi comes in and picks up a first down. Then a screen to Corey Clement brings up 1st-and-goal from the 5-yard line. Blount comes in and picks up three yards. Then Zach Ertz false starts. Shaking my head. That puts the Eagles at the 7-yard line. Foles’ second down pass is overthrown, had Agholor in the back of the end zone. Foles throws a contested jump ball pass to Alshon Jeffery on third down but it’s broken up by Eric Rowe. Philly has to settle for three, which isn’t going to get it down against the Pats. At least Jake Elliott nails the short kick. Eagles lead, 3-0.

Tom Brady’s first pass goes for no gain. Then he completes a short pass to James White, who’s being covered by Malcolm Jenkins. Patriots first down. Then the Eagles’ defense gets called for 12-men on the field. C’mon, guys. Brady gets good protection and completes a pass to a wide open Chris Hogan for a 28-yard gain. Patriots move well into field goal range. Brady connects with Rob Gronkowski to move into the red zone. Eagles pass rush certainly not looking so lively early on. Eagles defense forces 3rd-and-4 from the 8-yard line after the Patriots run on second down. Jalen Mills breaks up the pass intended for Gronk. Big play. Finger wag. Pats settle for a field goal of their own. Tie game, 3-3.

Foles to Agholor again for the first play of the Eagles’ second drive, 8-yard gain. Then Blount runs for a big 46-yard gain! OK, sorry for doubting you, LG. Then Foles hits Jeffery in the back of the end zone for a TOUCHDOWN! Wow, great throw, and awesome contested catch by Alshon. Rowe got beat. That’s a No. 1 wide receiver play. That’s why they signed that man. And then Elliott misses the extra point, because of course. Ugh. Stop doing that! Eagles lead, 9-3.

Patriots start at their own 18-yard line after good coverage by special teams. New England picks up eight yards on a run but then Gronk false starts to put them back at 2nd-and-7. Brady’s second down throw falls to the ground in the middle of the field. Off target. 3rd-and-7 and Brady connects deep with a WIDE open Danny Amendola. Patrick Robinson let the receiver run right by him. Busted coverage in the secondary.


The Patriots run a jet sweep with Brandin Cooks and Rodney McLeod makes an awesome one-on-one tackle. Straight up caught Cooks in the air, who was trying to hurdle him, and power bombed him into the ground. The Pats have to settle for another red zone field goal attempt ... and it’s NO GOOD! Stephen Gostkowski doinks it off the upright!

Eagles get the ball and can’t do anything with it. Foles did a nice job of stepping up and eluding pressure on 3rd-and-8 ... but his pass to a tightly-covered Ertz was incomplete. Looks like he had a ton of room to run there. We all know Foles isn’t the fastest guy, but he had a chance to convert that one with his legs. Instead, punt.

Patriots take over at their own 37-yard line. Brady hits Cooks, WIDE OPEN. Ronald Darby was trailing. Malcolm Jenkins LAYS THE WOOD on Cooks from behind. Ouch. Cooks has to come out of the game after that shot. Brady also took a hard hit on that play. Brady’s first down pass is behind White and broken up by Jenkins. Patriots’ second down run brings up 3rd-and-5. Patriots try to get tricky and have Amendola throw to Brady. Brady is wide open but drops it! #BradyDroppedIt. Pats go for it on fourth down by Brady’s pass for Gronk along the sideline is incomplete. Turnover on downs!

Cooks is ruled out for the game as the Eagles take over on offense once again. Big loss for the Pats. Eagles run with Ajayi twice to bring up 3rd-and-7. Ertz gets wide open in the middle of the field and makes a catch to put Philly at the Pats’ 43-yard line. Foles has Jeffery WIDE OPEN but overthrows him. C’mon, Nick. Foles redeems himself by dropping it right in the bucket for Jeffery. Another fantastic catch by Alshon. Then Blount runs it 29 yards for a TOUCHDOWN. Great blocking by the o-line. Eagles opt to go for the two-point conversion but Foles’ pass for Jeffery is batted down. Don’t mind the decision, but don’t love the play-call. Eagles lead, 15-3.

Patriots take over and pick up a big gain on a screen play. Eagles defense not exactly keeping things tight, yardage-wise. Pats get into 3rd-and-8 from the Eagles’ 27-yard line. Chris Long shoves White on a screen attempt as the ball is coming out. Brady’s pass falls incomplete. Patriots settle for another field goal. Eagles lead, 15-6.

Ertz commits his second false start of the game. Don’t do that Zach. Clement runs to bring up 2nd-and-13. Foles completes a pass to Smith to bring up 3rd-and-4. Ajayi runs hard for a first down and then some. Foles throws it deep and Jeffery tips a ball up in the air that gets picked off by Duron Harmon. Ugh. Bad luck. Looks like Stephon Gilmore was holding Alshon’s arm on that play, but no call.

New England takes over and their own 10-yard line. Brady’s second down pass to Gronk is broken up by Nigel Bradham to bring up 3rd-and-6. Brady’s third down pass is incomplete ... and then a very late holding flag is thrown. Of course. In fairness, Mills was holding. Then Mills gets beat burned deep by Hogan. Great throw by Brady. Then the Pats score on a play where the Eagles’ defense forget how to tackle James White. Cool, cool. At least the Patriots miss the extra point. What’s going on with the kicking in this game? Eagles lead, 15-12.

Eagles take over with 1:59 left. Foles goes to Ertz to bring up 2nd-and-3. Then Smith makes a nice sideline catch ... nope ... he drops it. Too many this season. On third down, Foles hits Clement on the wheel route. And it’s a HUGE gain on the catch-and-run! Philly gets 1st-and-goal from the 9-yard line. Then he runs tough to the 2-yard line. Pats take their first timeout with 45 seconds left in the quarter. Clement runs again to put the ball at the 1-yard line. Pats take their second timeout with 40 seconds left. Foles targets Jeffery, who is tackled in the end zone. No flag. Lol. Doug Pederson goes for it on fourth down ... and Trey Burton completes a pass to a wide open Foles!!! Wow, what a play call! Brady would have dropped that, by the way. Elliott makes the extra point! Eagles lead, 22-12.

Pats try to move into field goal range but no dice. Clock runs out in the first half.


Eagles kick off to start the second half. Let’s see how the long halftime show (featuring Justin Timberlake) impacts the game. Brady’s play-action pass for Gronk is incomplete. The tight end was open but the quarterback missed him. Brady comes right back to Gronk for a first down. And then another big gain. Corey Graham wanted an offensive pass interference flag but he didn’t get one. Patriots get to 3rd-and-7 on the Eagles’ 23-yard line. Brady hits Gronk for another first. Corey Graham beaten again. Brady to Gronk again, this time in the end zone. Darby slipped in coverage. Jim Schwartz not exactly having his best game tonight, huh? Eagles lead, 22-19.

Eagles get called for an illegal block in the back on the kickoff return. Eagles start at their own 10-yard line. Blount runs for four yards, then Foles has a pass for Agholor tipped incomplete. On third down, Agholor catches a pass and breaks a tackle for a conversion. Needed that. Blount runs for five yards. Then he runs again for a first down. Ajayi runs for nine yards to set up 3rd-and-1 from the Patriots’ 40-yard line. Chance Warmack comes in for a hobbled Stefen Wisniewski. Yikes. Patrick Chung also limps off for the Patriots. Foles completes a pass to Ertz off play-action for a first down. Eagles in field goal range now. On 3rd-and-6 from the 22-yard line ... Foles floats it up to Clement, who catches it! WOW. Another great throw and another great catch. The play goes under review ... and the ruling on the field stands! Looked close. Elliott makes the extra point. Eagles 29-19.

Could really use an interception or a Patriots fumble here. Or how about a sack, even? Instead, the Eagles get a defensive holding penalty. Mychal Kendricks is the guilty man. Brady hits Hogan for another first down, Darby beat on the slant. Patriots get to 3rd-and-1 from th Eagles’ 44-yard line. Amendola shakes free and makes a catch at the 26-yard line. Where the eff is this pass rush? Brady hits Hogan again, this time in the end zone for a touchdown. Lackluster defense tonight. Eagles lead, 29-26.

Wisniewski is back in the game at left guard. That’s good. Foles completes his first pass of the drive to Agholor for a first down. Another completion to Smith puts the Eagles at the Patriots’ 32-yard line. Agholor takes a jet sweep to the 24-yard line. Foles throws a pass that looks like it could’ve been meant for two different targets but it’s incomplete. A quick pass to Smith brings up 3rd-and-3 from the 16. Eagles let the clock run out to end the quarter.


On third down, the Patriots snuffed out an Eagles motion play to bring up an 8-yard loss. Just a good play by New England linebacker Marquis Flowers. Elliott makes the 42-yard field goal. Eagles lead, 32-26.

Patriots get to 3rd-and-3 on their own 46 after some nice runs. Eagles bring the blitz but Brady beats it with a quick completion for a first down. Brady then hits a wide open Amendola to put New England in the red zone. Patriots get to 1st-and-goal from the 4-yard line. Brady completes a pass to Gronk for a touchdown. New England takes the lead. Thanks for showing up, Eagles defense. Patriots lead, 33-32.

Foles airs it out deep to Smith, who was covered by Rowe. Brings up 3rd-and-6 from the Eagles’ own 29-yard line. New England calls their first timeout. On third down, Foles connects with Ertz for just enough for a first. Eagles get to 3rd-and-1 and pick up no gain. Pederson rightfully goes for it on fourth down. Foles completes it to Ertz for the first. Phew. Had pressure right in his face. Eagles call their first timeout with 4:52 left. Foles roles out and completes a pass to Agholor for a first down. Clock keeps ticking. Foles to Agholor for another first down, this one to the 25-yard line. Agholor makes another catch but goes out of bounds, which stops the clock. Dumb. Have to go down and run the clock (or force a Pats timeout). Foles throws to Ertz for a TOUCHDOWN! The play is reviewed and it stands. Would’ve been nice if Ertz just got the first down and not a score because the Eagles could’ve ran more clock. Too much time left. Eagles go for two and Foles’ pass is incomplete. Clement got pushed by Kyle Van Noy before the ball got there, no call. Foles had Clement open earlier, too, but he didn’t throw it. Bad. Reminder that the Patriots have only been flagged ONCE to this point. Eagles lead, 38-33.

Patriots start at their own 25-yard line with just over two minutes left and one timeout. Brady completes a pass to Gronk for a first down. Brady drops back again ... AND HE’S STRIP-SACKED BY BRANDON GRAHAM! OH MY GOD! DEREK BARNETT RECOVERS! OH MY GOD!!!!!! The pass rush finally shows up in the biggest spot!

Eagles take over and run the ball three times to bring up 4th-and-5. Patriots burn their final timeout in the process. Elliott attempts a 46-yard field goal ... AND IT’S GOOD! Eagles take an 8-point lead. Still a one-posession game with 1:05 left on the clock. Plenty of time.

Eagles kick the ball short of the end zone on the kickoff and the Patriots field it. They lateral it, but the Eagles’ special teams unit is not confused. Patriots end up taking over at their own 9-yard line with 58 seconds left. Brady’s first down pass is incomplete. 53 seconds remain. Brady’s second down pass is incomplete. 48 seconds remain. Chris Long hits Brady as he throws to force an incompletion. 4th-and-10 with 42 seconds left. Brady completes a pass to Amendola over the middle for a first down. Brady clocks it with 26 seconds left. Ball at the 22-yard line. Brady completes to Gronk for another first down. 20 seconds remain. Brady completes it to Gronk for another first down. 13 seconds remain with the ball at the 49-yard line. Eagles take their third and final timeout. Brady throws across the field and almost gets picked off by Darby. Couldn’t catch it. Nine seconds remain. Brady escapes a sack, airs it out ... IT’S INCOMPLETE IN THE END ZONE! EAGLES WIN!! THE EAGLES WIN!!!!



Eagles 41, Patriots 33.



Stay tuned for much more Eagles-Patriots Super Bowl postgame coverage.

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