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Seems like the Eagles are going to have a home field advantage in Super Bowl LII

Best fans in the NFL.

Philadelphia Eagles' Fans Gather To Watch Their Team In Super Bowl LII Against The New England Patriots

MINNEAPOLIS — You’ll never guess the first thing I heard after sitting down at my press seat here at U.S. Bank Stadium, the site of Super Bowl LII.

OK, I’m sure you can figure it out.

The stadium wasn’t even close to being full (proof here), but distinct EAGLES chants could be heard in multiple sections around the stadium.

Eagles fans made their presence known again when the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles were shown arriving at the stadium via the big screen.

Now, the crowd noise wasn’t unanimously emanating from Eagles fans. You could hear some opposite reaction from Patriots fans. But it was clear Eagles fans were in the majority.

As I’m typing this right now (3:06 PM), I’m looking out on the crowd and seeing a lot of midnight green and kelly green in the stands.

Speaking during his most recent Tuesday press conference in Philadelphia, Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schawrtz said he expected Eagles fans to turn the Super Bowl into a home crowd for Philly. It looks like his expectations are going to be met.

Of course, this shouldn’t come as a shock. We all know Eagles fans travel well. The Philly faithful took over both Los Angeles games during the 2017 regular season. They also had a large presence in Washington and several other stadiums.

Having the crowd on their side will give the Eagles another advantage as they face the Patriots in this year’s Super Bowl.

Get it done, Birds.

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