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Super Bowl 2018: Eagles vs. Patriots Game Predictions And Picks Against The Spread

Who will win the big game?

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Today is the day.

Super Bowl LII.

Philadelphia Eagles versus New England Patriots.

I couldn’t help but spoil my game prediction earlier this week. You already know who I’m taking to win this game.

The Eagles are going to emerge this game as Super Bowl champions. For the first time in franchise history.

This isn’t about blind faith.

This isn’t about the Patriots.

A wise person once told me: “Comparison is the greatest thief.”

Doug Pederson was right when he said it last week.

This is about the Eagles.

This is about the things this team has done to get here.

The Eagles are going to mash the Patriots in the trenches. The offensive line is going to give Nick Foles plenty of time to throw. The pass rush is going to have opportunities to pressure Tom Brady.

The coaching staff is going to put a good game plan together. We’ve seen Doug Pederson do that numerous times now. Jim Schwartz, too. They’re not going to be outmatched by Bill Belichick.

The crowd is going to give the Eagles an extra edge in this game. We all know the Philadelphia faithful travel well. That’s no exception this week. I’ve seen a large presence of Eagles fans in Minnesota with my own eyes.

I don’t think a lot of people are ready for what’s going to happen today. A lot of people are still picking against the underdog Eagles. The thing about that is ... this team has proven people wrong at EVERY turn. I don’t know how you could bet against them.

Make no mistake, the Patriots are no chumps. This game could easily be close. But I can’t rule out the thought that the Eagles could just kick their butts. I realize that might sound ridiculous, but no one really predicted the Eagles to blow out the Vikings, either. The Patriots are not covering that 5-point spread.

Alright. Enough talk. Time for the Eagles to go prove it out on the field. Time to prove they’re the rightful champions.

Go Birds.


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My predictions:

Score prediction: Eagles win, 31-17

Bold prediction: Nelson Agholor wins Super Bowl MVP

Your predictions:

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