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10 Eagles things we learned from Doug Pederson at the NFL Combine

Including the team’s plan for Nick Foles.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Head coach Doug Pederson of the Super Bowl winning Philadelphia Eagles met with the media for the first time in three weeks on Wednesday. Here are some things we learned based on what he said at the 2018 NFL Combine. [For Eagles takeaways from Howie Roseman’s press conference, click here.]

Doug is still wearing his Super Bowl LII gear

OK, so this takeaway isn’t about anything Doug had to say. I just wanted to point out how he’s casually rubbing the Eagles’ Super Bowl title in the faces of all 31 other NFL teams. Great work by Dougie P.

Also enjoyed this:

Yes, Doug, you did.

The Eagles are Super Bowl champions.

Nick Foles will have say in whether he’s traded or not

Here’s what Doug said at the podium:

Well, I think you’ve got to have that conversation. Again, I’m a big believer you don’t just blindside a player like that if that happens. I think you’ve got have that open communication with him.

We’ll see. We’ll see where it goes. Howie just mentioned we’d love to have everybody back. But we know the nature of the business, so. But yeah, we’ll talk about it, if and when that time comes.


We didn’t get into [his preference] after the season. It wasn’t the time. We were just kind of coming off the high, so we haven’t really discussed it.

Here’s what Doug said about Foles in a radio interview:

Again, this is a far cry from “No, we’re not trading him.”

The Eagles might very well hold on to Foles given Carson Wentz’s injury situation, but at the very least it sounds like they’ll be open to offers for the Super Bowl MVP.

More love for Nate Sudfeld

Roseman really talked up the Eagles’ third-string quarterback during his presser. Pederson was also asked about STUDfeld.

A great quote about Doug Pederson’s tendency to be aggressive

I just feel like if I don’t trust the guys, I don’t trust the team, the players ... how are they going to believe in me, as a coach?

This is an underrated aspect of Pederson being so willing to go for it on fourth down. He empowers his players. In return, they don’t want to let him down. Emotional intelligence.

Why Mike Groh, and not Duce Staley, was chosen to be the Eagles’ offensive coordinator

Mike is — well, first of all, let me just say this: I couldn’t have gone wrong with either he or Duce. Talked to both of those guys at length.

I felt comfortable, obviously, with Mike being in the coordinator’s position. Sharp mind. He was involved in our passing game quite a bit. He’s a former quarterback. Things of that nature. Just made a nice fit for me.

And then Duce, as you know, was promoted to assistant head coach, which I think is well-respected. I respect the heck out of Duce and what he’s done, what he’s brought, and how he’s managed that running back room for the last two years and some of the dynamic personalities in that room. He does an outstanding job, too, with the run game with [offensive line coach] Jeff Stoutland.

Couldn’t have gone wrong with either one of the guys. I feel very blessed to have them both.

As I’ve previously explained, Groh seemingly had a more involved in the Eagles’ offense than Staley did. With that in mind, you can understand why the Eagles picked Groh for OC.

How Duce Staley’s role will change with his new title

One of the things I wanted to do with him is grow his input in the game-planning a little bit. I know he’s really involved with the run side of it. You know, with coach Stoutland and [assistant offensive line coach Eugene Chung] and [tight ends coach] Justin Peelle.

And if there’s a time he needs to speak to the team, he can do that for me. And just continue the day-to-day managing of that running back room.

So, not a lot’s going to change, but we’ll try to increase his role some.

No major changes for Staley. The new title mostly seems to be about placating Staley with a pay raise and a position that could potentially help him draw more attention in future coaching searches.

The Eagles’ new quarterback coach is drawing praise

Taylor, who turned 30 in January, assisted John DeFilippo the past two seasons. Pederson credited Flip for getting great production out of Wentz and Foles. Now the pressure is on Taylor.

The plan for replacing Mike Groh’s old spot

With Groh moving to offensive coordinator, the Eagles need a new wide receivers coach.

One area where the Eagles can afford to improve

I thought it was interesting that Pederson highlighted special teams as one of the areas they can afford to improve. The Eagles could certainly use some better returners. Getting Chris Maragos back for 2018 should also help, though potentially losing Trey Burton will hurt.

No ice cream sponsorship just yet

We know Doug Pederson loves his Haagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream. Unfortunately, the company hasn’t hooked him up yet.

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