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Eagles trying to trademark “Philly Special”


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NFL: Super Bowl LII-Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles made the “Philly Special” famous by breaking out the trick play during a key spot in their Super Bowl win. Now they want to exclusively own the phrase.

ESPN reports the Eagles have filed to trademark “Philly Special”. Apparently they aren’t the only entity to do so.

The Eagles aren’t the first in line for the phrase. They’re actually the eighth group to file for it. People in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Florida, as well as the Pennsylvania-based brewing company Yuengling, filed for rights to own the phrase, which refers to the now-famous Super Bowl LII trick play.

Trademark lawyer Josh Gerben of Gerben Law in Washington, D.C., says the Eagles will have to wait about four months for the USPTO to sort out the filings and then roughly eight months after that to see whether the trademark will be awarded to the team. While the other trademark filings are for intent to use “Philly Special,” the Eagles say they’ve already used it, referring to a shirt with their logo that was sold by Fanatics in the days after their Super Bowl win.

Speaking of shirts that use the term “Philly Special” ... I guess it’s time for me to remind you that you can get yours here before it gets trademarked! (Click here.)

Seriously, though, it’s really cool that this phrase will live on forever as one of the biggest moments in Eagles history. It doesn’t always work out that a title win is commemorated by a catchy phrase.

In this case, the Philly Special truly is, well, special.

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