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Eagles fan receives Super Bowl LII confetti after making donation to Minnesota Vikings Foundation

This is really cool!

Some Vikings fans were being sore losers after the Philadelphia Eagles defeated Minnesota in the 2018 NFC Championship Game.

But you know who isn’t being a sore loser? The team itself.

Look no further than this cool gesture by the Minnesota Vikings Foundation to send a bottle of Super Bowl LII confetti (with the pieces shaped like the Lombardi Trophy) to an Eagles fan who made a donation to them. Photo via “EYEsoar” from the r/Eagles subreddit:

That’s great. Very classy.

For those wondering why the Eagles fan donated to the Vikings Foundation, it was about showing that Philadelphia shoudn’t be defined by the few fans who behave badly and give everybody else a bad reputation.

I’d like to take this opportunity to suggest the exchange here should act as an olive branch between Eagles and Vikings fans. There isn’t a real rivalry between these two teams. Let’s just all move on.

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