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One former NFL executive’s take on Nick Foles makes me feel like I’m going insane

What planet are we living on again?

NFL: Super Bowl LII-Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

If you thought Peter King’s notion that it would take at least two first round picks for the Philadelphia Eagles to trade Nick Foles was far-fetched (which it is), just wait until you see Bill Polian’s take.

Again, this is an actual former NFL general manager and team president.

When I see stuff like this, it makes me feel like I’m going insane. Like, do people hear themselves? You wouldn’t even LISTEN to any offers for Foles unless they were two 1’s and two 2’s?

I get that Polian may have been trying to emphasize the point that Foles is so valuable that the Eagles shouldn’t trade him. But come on. The Eagles are absolutely taking two 1’s and two 2’s for Nick freaking Foles, assuming he’s fine with being traded, which he probably is if there’s a team that desperate to acquire him and subsequently pay him.

But the Eagles will not getting that kind of offer for Foles. It’s just not even within the realm of possibility.

No one is trying to diminish what Foles did in the playoffs. He played out of his mind to lead the Eagles to their first Super Bowl win in franchise history. That was fantastic. Foles will forever be a legend in Philadelphia.

But that doesn’t mean he’s suddenly the best quarterback of all-time. Recency bias has really skewed the opinions of this guy. I mean, is everyone just going to pretend like he wasn’t playing awful at the end of the regular season? Or that he was a free agent who got passed over for a starting role last offseason? Foles had his fair share of bad games in his career. And they can’t ALL be explained away by Jeff Fisher’s awfulness.

People might wonder why I was never the biggest Foles fan. Actually, you probably don’t care. But I’m going to explain myself anyway because it’s simple. I don’t even dislike Foles as a person. I just dislike that sometimes we can’t even come close to having a rational conversation about him.

Case in point: during our BGN Radio show on SportsRadio 94WIP the past two weekends, we’ve had multiple callers call in to tell us how Foles is a top five quarterback in the NFL. Or how he should be starting over Carson Wentz. I’ve seen this sentiment echoed elsewhere, such as Twitter, or even the comments here at BGN. It’s just madness.

This idea that the Eagles CAN’T trade him is crazy to me as well. As I’ve said infinite times by now, Foles should get to decide whether he wants to stay or not. But putting that aside for a second, there’s absolutely an argument to made the Eagles should trade him. He’s on a one-year deal, folks. He’s gone after this season. There’s value in saving $5.2 million in cap space and getting a draft pick who can potentially contribute in 2018 and beyond. Especially considering there’s a possibility where Foles doesn’t even play because Wentz stays healthy. Wentz did manage to play all 16 games as a rookie and he only missed three regular season starts in 2017, you know.

Now, there’s also a good argument to be made that Foles shouldn’t be traded. I get that. There’s value in having a high quality backup to Wentz, especially since the third-year quarterback is coming back from an ACL tear.

One factor that often gets discounted in the Eagles’ quarterback situation, as Daniel Jeremiah pointed out, is their evaluation of Nate Sudfeld.

The timing of this tweet is interesting given the Foles discussion taking place in the aftermath of Polian’s comments. Do note that Jeremiah was the one who said Nelson Agholor would supplant Jordan Matthews as the Eagles’ slot receiver back in early August. A lot of people thought he was crazy, but he ended up being right. DJ, a former Eagles scout who was also considered for the Eagles’ player personnel job before Joe Douglas was hired, is clearly still plugged in to the team.

Back to Foles. It’s entirely possible Howie Roseman is using these talking heads to make it seem like Philadelphia does not want to trade Foles at all. If that’s the case, Roseman is doing a great job. In order to maximize his leverage, he shouldn’t show any interest in trading Foles.

No matter what happens, the Eagles are in a pretty good position. They can keep Foles and they’ll have a good backup to Wentz. It would be disappointing, though, to see him walk in free agency next offseason while getting no real assets (besides maybe a potential compensatory pick in 2020) in return. Alternatively, the Eagles might be able to trade Foles this offseason and get an asset that will potentially strengthen this team even more.

Roseman has clearly earned the benefit of the doubt. There should be confidence he’ll make the right call.

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