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Flash sale on Eagles Super Bowl shirts and gear

Nice deals.

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The Philadelphia Eagles are SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS and writing that never gets old. I am considering never taking down the BGN breaking news banner, although I worry what happens when I actually need it for something else. We’ll see.

Anyway, yeah, the Eagles are Super Bowl champs! And to celebrate that very fact, we still have a number of apparel options available for you.

Philly Phaithful

Our friends over at Philly Phaithful have expanded their already great Super Bowl collection. New to the group is this Jason Kelce shirt (click here):

You can also (click here) if you want the crewneck version.

If you’re looking for new hoodies, try out TD123 (click here) and FLII (click here).


From right now through Sunday (Feb. 18), our friends at BreakingT are offering a 20% discount on their Philly Collection. On the following options, use promo code: 20OFFPHILLY

The Philly Special - [CLICK HERE]

Always Super Champs - [CLICK HERE]

Champions of the World - [CLICK HERE]

Philly Underdogs - [CLICK HERE]

Grease The Poles - [CLICK HERE]

Underdog Champs - [CLICK HERE]

Philadelphia ATS Champs - [CLICK HERE]

Dakota Tough Philly Strong - [CLICK HERE]

Always Super - [CLICK HERE]

BGN Radio Store

For more than just shirts, don’t forget to also check out what’s going on in the BGN Radio store!

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