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This NFL Network interview with Torrey Smith’s son is precious

He make some good points!

Torrey Smith’s 3-year-old son, TJ, appeared in an interview with NFL Network this week and it was pretty great.

Do you like the Patriots?

The face when you really get asked if you like the Patriots ...

“Only the Eagles.”

Did you enjoy the parade?

“Cause there weren’t no Patriot bus, just Eagles bus.”

Very true, TJ.

Did you have fun at the Super Bowl?

The Patriots quarterback never caught the ball. Carson Wentz, er, Nick Foles caught the ball and scored a touchdown.

TJ is only three and he’s already throwing shade at Tom Brady. This is fantastic.

Who is your favorite football player?

When you know the media is asking a “gotcha” question so you try to block them out with your foot ...

What did you do after the game was over?

Proper snow angel in post-game confetti technique:

Are you fast?

TJ won’t just let you take his word for it.

*TJ runs off stage, runs back on stage*

Who’s your favorite football team?

There’s just too much questions!

And just like that, TJ ends the interview with a high-five and a jump off the stage.

But wait! It gets better. There’s also a video of TJ imitating Jason Kelce’s epic Super Bowl parade speech.

(For those unaware, Torrey was quick to point out his son wasn’t actually cursing. Fake bleeps.)

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