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Nick Foles appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and addresses if he wants to be a starting quarterback in 2018

Trade or nah?

Nick Foles of The Philadelphia Eagles Celebrates at Walt Disney World Photo by Matt Stroshane/Disney Resorts via Getty Images

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and 2018 Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles continued his media tour on Thursday evening with an appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’.

Foles touched on a number of topics, such as: how he’s getting recognized in Whole Foods more often, how Eagles fans cry when they see him, if he’s had contact with Tom Brady since the end of the big game, and more.

One of the more serious questions that Kimmel posed, however, was about Foles’ future in the NFL.

KIMMEL: Now, next year, of course, you were the backup quarterback [in 2017], and, you can never be a backup quarterback again. I mean, not until you’re old and broken down, right? You have to be a starter. You must. You have to be. You’re the Super Bowl MVP.

FOLES: Yeah, I mean, that’s a question everyone wants to know. The thing I look forward to … The season’s a long season. The family, you know, my wife, we have a 8-month old daughter, Lilly, they sacrifice throughout the year because it’s a seven day a week job. We’re in the city, come back late. So, right now it’s just focusing on being a husband and a father to the best of ability. This a time I really look forward to.

And then, with that part of football, we love Philly, that stuff’s out of my control. We have agents who handle all of that. But we love Philly. We love the situation. We’ll worry about it when that time comes.

KIMMEL: You want to stay in Philly, of course?

FOLES: Yeah, we love Philly. We came back to Philly [last offseason] and they had us. Just to be a part of the community, to be a part of bringing the first Super Bowl there, that’s something that’s really special and goes deep.

Make of this what you will.

Some believe Foles is content with being a backup in Philly. Maybe that’s the case. Maybe him and his wife don’t want to move again.

But maybe he also realizes his value is at his highest and he could earn an extension from another team if the Eagles trade him. Judging by last year’s Mike Glennon contract, Foles could be turning down more than $10 million guaranteed by staying in Philly.

Foles doesn’t just have himself to think about. Considering how often he talks about the importance of his family, his wife and daughter will factor in to his decision.

The Eagles should do their best to facilitate whatever Foles decides is right for him. Usually teams don’t let players dictate how they conduct business, but this is obviously a special situation with Foles being the first Super Bowl winning quarterback in franchise history. If he wants to be traded, find the right spot for him. If he wants to stay in Philly, sign him to an extension to keep him here as the backup.

It’s unclear exactly what Foles’ future holds. We do know this statement from Kimmel isn’t true, though:

“Well, congratulations, I’m sure you’ll be starting, I imagine it’ll probably be in Philadelphia next year.”

The only way Foles is starting under center for the Eagles in 2018 is if Carson Wentz is physically unable to play. And hopefully that isn’t the case.

[Click here to watch the entire Kimmel interview]

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