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Tedy Bruschi shows ignorance while firing back at Lane Johnson’s comments about the Patriots

One former Pats player isn’t happy.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Lane Johnson’s recent comments on the Pardon My Take podcast about the New England Patriots being a “fear-based organization” have garnered a lot of attention. And one former Patriots player is not happy with what the Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle had to say.

Tedy Bruschi said the following during a Monday appearance on the The Will Cain Show:

“I’ll tell you what. Coming from a guy that failed going back-to-back [as Super Bowl champions] once, and then succeeded going back-to-back once, it takes a lot more than than planned end zone celebrations, dog masks, and trick plays to go back-to-back. So if you think it’s going to be all fun to win another championship next year, you got it all wrong. It takes serious men, it takes serious conversations, it takes serious practices, goal-setting, all of that stuff. So he’s going to see how hard it is.”

Bruschi’s right. Winning back-to-back isn’t easy. It takes illegally taping the opponents’ signals, illegally altering game equipment, and perhaps other unbeknownst methods of cheating.

For real, though, this is pretty ignorant stuff from Bruschi. Boiling the Eagles’ Super Bowl run down to touchdown celebrations and dog masks and trick plays is dumb. They didn’t win a title because of those things. They clearly put in the hard work that Bruschi talked about. (Side note: the Patriots ran a trick play in the Super Bowl before the Eagles did ... so I guess they’re doomed, too?)

And the Eagles had success while having some fun along the way, which is what Lane was talking about in his interview with PMT. Lane was pointing out it’s possible to work hard AND have fun while doing it.

But apparently that’s not actually true, according to Bruschi, because FOOTBALL IS SERIOUS. NO FUN ALLOWED!

Johnson had some good responses to Bruschi’s backtalk.

Johnson also had a good response to a dumb Skip Bayless tweet.

People are already doubting the Eagles in 2018. Here’s another Super Bowl rematch where the Birds prove everyone wrong ... again.

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