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Redskins fan buys full-page ad in Texas newspaper to thank Eagles Super Bowl MVP quarterback

Lots of stuff happening here.

Matthew McConaughey is a native of Texas. He’s very proud of his home state. With that in mind, it’s not shocking to see him buy a full-page newspaper ad to give props to Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles, who is also from the Lone Star State.

But this isn’t that straightforward and simple. There are more layers to what’s happening here.

First of all, McConaughey is a Washington Redskins fan. You might have thought he was a Dallas Cowboys fan, since, you know, he’s from Texas. But that’s not the case.

Now, can you imagine if someone from Philadelphia bought a full-page ad to thank the Super Bowl MVP quarterback from another team in the NFC East? That person would never be able to set foot in the city again.

But it doesn’t stop there! This newspaper is based in Austin, which is only three hours south of where the Cowboys are based.

So, to recap, a Redskin fan bought a newspaper ad in Cowboys territory to thank an Eagles quarterback.

Now, if only we could have roped the Giants into this, it could’ve made for perfect division rival trolling.

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