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Play fantasy football during this year’s big game with DraftKings

See website for eligibility restrictions that apply.

Ladies and gents, it’s finally time. One of the biggest days in Philly sports history is in our sight - it doesn’t get better than this.

… Or does it. We’ve partnered up with DraftKings to bring you guys something as big as the occasion. GAME DAY ONLY (Sunday, February 4 for all of you living under a rock). New users, a first-time deposit of $5 or more gets you FREE entry to the NFL $2.4M Big Game Millionaire contest. That’s a $20 ticket and you’ll get it for FREE with that initial deposit.

Now, you may ask, what does first place win you? Oh, that’s right, a cool million. That’s $1,000,000. 6 zeroes. We’re talking big money for the biggest game of the year. That FREE $20 ticket’s sounding pretty good right now, huh?

OK, so here’s how you play:

1. Draft a total of 6 players; 4 offensive and 2 defensive

2. Submit your full lineup on Sunday by 6:30PM ET

3. Watch the points come in and track any potential winnings LIVE

4. Finish in the top spots and win your prize

NOTE: See website for eligibility restrictions that apply.

This contest boasts a huge $2.4 million dollars in total prizes, so don’t worry, even if you don’t come in first, the top 25,000 spots all win money, guaranteed.

You better get drafting fast, this offer WILL expire at 6:30PM on Sunday, February 4. Click here to deposit and claim your $20 ticket and get started: [CLICK HERE].

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