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Eagles screwed out of late-game Dallas Goedert touchdown with worst OPI call ever

This was actually NOT offensive pass interference.

I guess it was only fitting for the Eagles-Cowboys game to feature the same type of foolishness it started with late in the game. With three minutes to play in the fourth quarter, Dallas Goedert was called for (what might be the worst ever called) offensive pass interference, negating a big run and what would have been the second score by the rookie tight end.

There have been a lot of questionable flags thrown this game — and even a few that have been justified — but this was a big call on a play that was clearly not pass interference. It was a tight end making a good move to get separation from the defender and taking it to the house.

The refs would call a rather iffy roughing the passer call on the play that followed, but one flag kept the Eagles from adding six points and the other only gave the offense first down.

The Eagles players at home on IR were not very fond of the call either:

Even TO knows it was a terrible call:

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