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Kamu Grugier-Hill apologized to Doug Pederson for comments about Cowboys

Really important.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The year is 2042 and we’re still talking about relatively innocuous comments from a Philadelphia Eagles weakside linebacker.

In case you somehow still care about this story, Doug Pederson mentioned on Friday morning that he talked to Kamu Grugier-Hill regarding the linebacker’s comments about Dallas. Here’s what Doug had to say:

Q. What did you think of LB Kamu Grugier-Hill’s comments in the locker room? I know that kind of blew up and the Cowboys responded, and all of that.

DOUG PEDERSON: First of all, the Philadelphia Eagles, myself, we have a ton of respect for the Cowboys. It has nothing to do with that, we have a ton of respect for [Cowboys Head] Coach [Jason] Garrett. He and I actually were in the league together at the same time, so we played against each other when he was with Dallas and I was with Green Bay, so we go back a ways. It’s unfortunate that the comments were made. I talk to the team a lot about how we don’t need to post anything that can be used on other teams’ website or bulletin board. It’s unfortunate that happened. We still have to go play. They have to play. It’s going to be a good football game.

Q. How do you handle that with Grugier-Hill?

DOUG PEDERSON: I just talk to him, pulled him aside, just talked to him.

And here’s what Grugier-Hill had to say in the locker room on Friday, via ESPN’s Tim McManus:

I mean, it’s a rivalry game. Didn’t really think too much about it. Obviously didn’t mean to disrespect this organization or Coach Pederson. I’ve just got a lot of confidence in our guys, lot of confidence in myself going into this game. We’re ready to play. [...] I just apologized [to Coach Pederson] because obviously I put him in a hard spot. But that was really it.

Moving on.

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