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Three Eagles MVPs from Week 17, plus five things I think about the Birds

A few leftover musings as we enter playoff time

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Presenting The 60-Second Eagles Review, where we relive each 2018 Eagles game in no more than a minute, complete with a weekly trio of Birds MVPs:

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Five things I think about the Birds

  1. I think I was way more concerned with the Bears-Vikings game on Sunday than I was the Eagles. That easily could’ve backfired, but it didn’t, and so I’m left to reflect on this shutout over Washington feeling as if Philly didn’t even have a real game to play. Maybe that’s an odd way to describe it, or maybe it was because Washington came out with zero oomph, but it was more so the relief of a Vikings loss that brightened Sunday.
  2. I think, as I shared Monday morning, that anyone whose first thought after a Carson Wentz/Nick Foles win is to rip Carson Wentz/Nick Foles to justify your opinion of Carson Wentz/Nick Foles is probably missing the whole point. Look, quarterback debates are inevitable, and this is a pretty big and rare situation in Philly, but why is it so difficult to enjoy what both Wentz and Foles offer? Can they not both be good, or at least spared from constant criticism in the event their counterpart helps the Eagles win?
  3. I think, sticking with Wentz and Foles, that we’d all love to know just how and why the offense has run so much more smoothly with No. 9. Play-calling? Game-planning? Receiver chemistry? Intangibles? It’s hard to suggest that the Eagles’ entire turnaround behind Foles was just a coincidence, and yet this writer, who still believes Wentz is the man and feels a little bad for No. 11’s shot at playoff time, is growing increasingly curious about Foles’ sustained effectiveness.
  4. I think Alshon Jeffery loves playing with Nick Foles. How else are we to explain his sudden return to stardom? Another coincidence? Nah. I just think these guys are on the same page.
  5. I think the Eagles can beat the Bears. Bold, right? They are underdogs, and Chicago’s defense is the real deal. But Doug Pederson seems like he’s feeling himself a little bit entering the playoffs, and we know how he does when the lights get bright. Get Foles in a quick-strike rhythm, get after Mitch Trubisky, and you have yourself a ballgame.

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