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The last preview show of the 2018 NFL regular season

The Kist & Solak Show #60!

NFL: Houston Texans at Philadelphia Eagles James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

It’s our last preview show of the 2018 NFL regular season and it’s been an incredible ride. At the top I wanted to thank all of you for your support.

We’ve recently ranked as high as 72(!) on the Apple Podcasts sports & recreation charts, surpassing a bevy of shows from NFL Network, ESPN, and other big hitters in the sports world. In fact, we’re the highest ranked team-specific feed and that in itself is a massive achievement.

Since the re-launch, we’ve received tremendous report from you, gentle listener, and we couldn’t be more appreciative. 608 five-star ratings, which consist of a mind-boggling 99% of our total ratings, is something we are extremely proud of and humbled by.

I wanted to share this with all of you because this isn’t just our accomplishment, but yours as well. Our aim from day one was to provide the best in-depth analysis of the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles and you’ve made your voices heard about the type of content you demand.

We really can’t thank you enough, but we’ll try by shouting out the best written reviews we’ve received recently. Those reviews go a long way in the Apple Podcasts’ algorithm when ranking podcasts and some of them are hilarious, so look forward to that on an upcoming Kist & Solak.

Our coverage will continue throughout the playoffs and throughout the entire offseason. So if you’re worried about the team taking a vacation, don’t be, we’re going to have you covered every step of the way. There isn’t a harder working team than the guys I work with and Brandon Lee Gowton, John Stolnis, and Benjamin Solak deserve all the credit in the world for their work ethic, passion, and knowledge.

With all that said, what did we talk about on the last preview show of the regular season? Topics include:

  • The Pittsburgh Steelers have dropped four of their last five games and will need help from the Cleveland Browns, who play the Baltimore Ravens, to secure their playoff spot.
  • Ben predicted the Tennessee Titans will lose to the Indianapolis Colts and miss out on the playoffs. The Titans are one of the highest variance teams in the league and could end up either a two-seed or out of the playoffs entirely.
  • The San Francisco 49ers have a draft pick range from 1-5, but should that matter in their tilt with the Los Angeles Rams? Will it impact the way the play in the first half? We don’t think so, as they’ve won two of their last three games and have been extremely tough. They’re not playing like a tanking team; they’re playing like a young team with a young coach that’s trying to make a point.
  • How concerned are we that the Chicago Bears won’t hold up their end of the bargain against the Minnesota Vikings?
  • Jordan Hicks, in our opinion, once again proved he’s been playing like the best linebacker on the team last week. If he’s unavailable, how much does it affect the defense? Plus we dig into the full injury report for both teams.
  • What does it look like if the Washington Redskins play the Eagles tight? Would what need to go right/wrong for that scenario to happen? The Redskins will likely try to shorten the game with a heavy running attack, do the Eagles hold up?
  • And much, much more!

Stream The Kist & Solak Show #60 on the media player below or click here if the player doesn’t load. FLY EAGLES FLY!

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