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Mike Zimmer definitely isn’t mad that Doug Pederson may have called Matt Nagy to ask the Bears to beat the Vikings

Definitely not mad.

NFC Championship - Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Earlier this week, Doug Pederson was asked if he was going to reach out to his former co-worker and current Chicago head coach Matt Nagy to request the Bears try hard to beat the Vikings so the Eagles can make the playoffs. Pederson responded:

“I might [call Nagy]. Maybe I’ve done that, we’ll have to see. Maybe I’ve already done that this morning.” [Laughter]

On Wednesday, Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer was asked about Pederson potentially reaching out to Nagy. Zimmer responded, per ESPN’s Courtney Cronin:

“I don’t care who he called. I really don’t. I didn’t hear that. But I don’t care who Doug calls or who anybody calls.”

The well-adjusted Zimmer, who allegedly once staged a stuffed animal massacre in the Vikings’ locker room (and then denied it was him), definitely doesn’t care. He probably cares the least of anyone. He’s not mad. It’s funny to him, actually.

I mean, how could you accuse the guy who ditched the 2018 NFC Championship Game postgame interview of being bitter?

Speaking of 38-7 ...

*mic drop*

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