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Eagles News: Nick Foles says playing his potential last game in Philadelphia was “emotional”

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 12/24/18.

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NFL: Houston Texans at Philadelphia Eagles James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Nick Foles: ‘Wearing That Jersey Means A Lot To Me’ -
When it was done, Foles acknowledged feeling something about Sunday possibly being his last game at Lincoln Financial Field as an Eagle. He’s got another year left on his contract, but with a reported salary of $20 million, it’s tough to see the Eagles carrying that number for a backup quarterback. It’s one of the many offseason decisions the Eagles have to make. “It’s emotional. I love playing in Philly,” Foles said. “I knew there was a chance this could be it. I don’t think about the future, but I am aware of that because this city means a lot a lot me, this team means a lot to me, wearing that jersey means a lot to me. This was a special one tonight. I don’t know what the future holds. I’m not going to worry about it. I’m just going to focus on now, enjoy just being in Philadelphia, enjoy the people, enjoy wearing this jersey because it’s one of the most special moments of my life.”

9 thoughts on the Eagles’ clutch win over the Texans - BGN
It remains to be seen what the future holds. The team has been very vocally committed to Carson Wentz as the “quarterback of the future.” The feeling here is that the 25-year-old is still very much the long-term answer. And, really, the people criticizing Wentz should take a closer look at Foles’ path and consider it might take some time for Ginger Jesus to truly reach his peak. Maybe Wentz will develop the poise that Foles has with more experience. Maybe have some patience. I don’t think you can just say that Foles is the same player he was before he originally got traded away. This new version is significantly better than the old version. Foles’ maturation as both a football player and a human being probably factors into that. Again, we’ll see how the Eagles quarterback plays out moving forward. In the short-term, the Eagles are in good hands with Foles under center.

The Kist & Solak Show #58: The Eagles Are Still Alive! - BGN Radio
Michael Kist and Benjamin Solak react to the Eagles taking down the Texans in a 32-30 butt-clenching win that keeps their playoff hopes alive! What needs to happen for the Eagles to sneak in? The gang details all the scenarios and breaks down the game in this recap show! Powered by SB Nation and Bleeding Green Nation.

Handing out 10 awards from the Eagles-Texans game - PhillyVoice
The Eagles are Carson Wentz’s team. He is their undisputed, unquestioned franchise quarterback. That remains the truth (though if the Eagles were to win another Super Bowl with Foles, I could maybe be persuaded otherwise). However, I do believe there’s now a legitimate debate as to who should start in the playoffs (should the Eagles get there) in the event both quarterbacks are healthy.

Thriller - Iggles Blitz
There will be tremendous focus on Foles and his performance. He was brilliant today, connecting with nine different receivers. He was incredible on third downs, making clutch throw after clutch throw. The Eagles were 4 for 4 on fourth downs. Foles once again got the ball downfield and that proved to be crucial. The Eagles had five plays of 30 or more yards. They scored 32 points, but only got into the Red Zone twice. Beyond all of that stuff, Foles also did a great job of providing leadership and keeping his teammates focused. As much as we should talk about Foles, this was another game where the whole team made plays. The Eagles are now 4-1 in the last five games. They have beaten division leaders in each of the last two weeks. This team is peaking.

Week 16 overreactions: Has Nick Foles overtaken Carson Wentz? - ESPN
Graziano’s verdict: OVERREACTION. This is the perfect example of “don’t get fooled by the small sample size.” Foles may be the perfect backup quarterback, since you know he can step in if needed and win you a few games -- even if one of those games is the Super Bowl. But did we forget about how he started the season? Have we not yet learned our lesson about Foles and consistency? Was there something about the way Wentz was playing before he got hurt that should lead the Eagles to doubt their long-term commitment to him? If anything, the way Foles is finishing this season provides the Eagles, who should have traded him last year when he was at all-time-high value, a second chance to get something in return. Of course, if he leads them to a second straight Super Bowl title, that’s going to be a hard sell to the fan base. But the people who run the Eagles are a patient, big-picture bunch, and the bet here is that they’re still all-in on Wentz for the long term. As they should be.

Refocused, NFL Week 16: Philadelphia Eagles 32, Houston Texans 30 - PFF
Nick Foles was just shy of 500 yards passing, and he made huge plays throughout the game, none better than his perfect rainbow to Nelson Agholor for an 83-yard score over Tyrann Mathieu. Foles had his issues short and over the middle, but he lit up the Texans’ secondary with throws deep outside the numbers.

Darren Sproles gave the Eagles all he had vs. the Texans, and he might not be finished - Inquirer
He did it all afternoon throughout that thrilling 32-30 Eagles victory, racking up 119 total yards, scooting for 16 on a draw play in the final 90 seconds to give Jake Elliott a shorter look at a game-winning field goal, compelling a question on a matter that Sproles himself had once considered settled. In July, after missing most of the 2017 season with a torn ACL, Sproles had published a letter suggesting that he would retire after this season. But now that he has come back from a hamstring injury that sidelined him from early September to early December, now that he has scored three touchdowns in four games and shown he can be the same player he has always been, he’s not really going to retire, is he? “I’m going to see,” he said. “I’m going to see.”

The Day After: The Legend of Nick Foles adds a chapter with 471-yard, 4-TD performance in wild win over Texans - The Athletic
Foles has resurrected an Eagles season that looked dead just a couple weeks ago. Maybe things won’t play out the way the Eagles hope, and next week will be the end of the line. Or maybe this season — and Foles — still have some surprises in store. “That’s Nick Foles,” said Malcolm Jenkins. “Whether he’s on the bench or in the game, he’s the same guy. I think we get confused sometimes because he’s a backup quarterback. He just happens to be Carson Wentz’s backup. But he’s a player. He’s a Super Bowl MVP for a reason. Obviously he’s pumped life back into this team — the offense is playing phenomenal right when we need it. But that’s Nick. It’s no different. It’s not like he rose to the occasion. This is what he’s made for.”

The Legend of Nick Foles adds another remarkable chapter - NBCSP
He looked dead. “I thought they were going to bury him next to the statue outside,” Chris Long said. “They were going to have the statue and then like a little tomb for him.” With 1:50 left in the game and the Eagles trailing the Texans and deep in their own territory, Nick Foles lay motionless in the north end zone of the Linc after getting cheap-shotted by Jadeveon Clowney while unloading a pass to Alshon Jeffery. “It was a great hit,” Foles said. “He got a good one on me.” Foles didn’t realize it at the time, but Jeffery had caught the pass for a 19-yard gain, and a personal foul on Clowney gave the Eagles 15 more yards. All Foles knew was that he couldn’t breathe and it got really, really quiet at the Linc.

Houston Texans Final Score And Post-Game Recap: Eagles 32, Texans 30 - Battle Red Blog
Bill O’Brien took the left instead of the right and was conservative. Punting on 4th and 2 at midfield. Kicking field goals. Playing for the field goal on 3rd and 11. Going for it on 4th and 9 after ignoring better and shorter opportunities to convert at more favorable spots on the field. Waiting until Houston fell behind to start aggressively attacking the Eagles’ secondary. On the other sideline, Doug Pederson let ‘em hang and converted all four fourth down conversions.

The Winners and Losers of NFL Week 16 - The Ringer
The legend of Nick Foles grows. It’s now this big. Sunday, the Eagles won another must-win game behind the Super Bowl MVP/backup quarterback, who grows 1,000 feet tall every December after Carson Wentz partakes in an act of ritualistic blood sacrifice that allows Foles to become invincible. Foles finished the win over Houston with an Eagles-record 471 yards passing with four touchdowns. Philadelphia nearly blew the game late, as the Texans scored 14 points in the final five minutes to take a 30-29 lead, but Foles battled back, leading Philly on a game-winning field goal drive. While there was drama in the game’s closing seconds, Philly won the game hours earlier. In the first quarter, Foles threw to Darren Sproles, who found a hole and rolled to the goal. LOL!

Week 16: NFL Playoff Scenarios, Picks and Millen’s Holiday Prayer - FMIA
The Eagles have had the strangest of seasons; they’ve gone 4-1 since being embarrassed 48-7 by the Saints last month. I asked Ertz what he’s learned in 2018 after the Eagles stormed to a Super Bowl win last year. “I’ll tell you,” he said. “The NFL is really hard. It’s really had to win football games, any game. I cannot believe the Miami Dolphins went undefeated all the way through the Super Bowl. I cannot believe the Patriots went undefeated [in the 2007 regular season]. That sounds a little simplistic, but it’s what I think.”

As the Season Comes Down to the Wire, the Saints Rise to the Top: NFL Week 16 - Sports Illustrated
And if I’m Philly this morning, two things are making me feel like it’s 2017 all over again. The first, and obvious, is how the team has rallied around Nick Foles the last two weeks. Foles was pretty good in the win over the Rams eight days ago (24-31, 270 yards, one INT), and pretty great in helping stave off a furious Texans comeback on Sunday (35-49, 471 yards, four TDs, one INT) in a 32-30 win. “Nick has shown these past two years that he’s not a backup quarterback,” tight end Zach Ertz told me Sunday night. “He’s not a backup-caliber quarterback. When he’s in the game on offense leading us at quarterback, the offense isn’t going to change very much. We got two extremely talented signal callers back there, and it’s Nick’s turn right now to kind of carry us on our offense.”

Cowboys playoff picture: Dallas is officially the fourth seed, should starters play in New York? - Blogging The Boys
Plenty of things can go wrong when you roll the dice in a meaningless game but the biggest one is obviously an injury. The last thing you need as a team just about to enter the postseason is to lose somebody in what was literally a game where you could achieve nothing. If you need a reminder as to how quickly devastation can occur think back to early on in Sunday’s game when Tyrone Crawford went down with a scare (thankfully all looks well). Things can change in an instant in the NFL and thanks to the way the cards fell the Cowboys have actually been afforded a bye week. They might be wise to use it, but Jerry Jones did say they wouldn’t “let up” against the Giants.

NFL Playoff Picture: Seahawks clinch wild card berth with win over Chiefs - Field Gulls
At 9-6, the Seahawks can still drop to 9-7 if they lose to the Arizona Cardinals at home next week. If the Minnesota Vikings win their game against the Chicago Bears, they’ll improve to 9-6-1 and become the five seed. The first wild card will travel to face the Dallas Cowboys, while the six seed might have to go to the cold confines of the Chicago Bears. Seattle has played both of these teams, losing in Chicago in Week 2 and beating the Cowboys at home in Week 3. [BLG Note: Seahawks gonna whoop the Cowboys.]

The Steelers might have blown their chance at making the NFL playoffs - SB Nation
The Steelers were in the driver’s seat for the AFC North crown, but now they need some help to get into the playoffs — they fell from the fourth seed all the way to the No. 8 seed with their loss against the Saints. There are two things that can happen in order to make the playoffs. They need to handle business and beat Cincinnati, and they need the Browns to beat the Ravens on the road — or they need the Titans and the Colts to TIE in their Week 17 matchup. Either way, the fumble, the fake punt, and the two calls against Joe Haden made it much harder for the Steelers to get into the playoffs.


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