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Three Eagles MVPs from Week 16, plus five things I think about the Birds

Bless you, St. Nick

NFL: Houston Texans at Philadelphia Eagles James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Presenting The 60-Second Eagles Review, where we relive each 2018 Eagles game in no more than a minute, complete with a weekly trio of Birds MVPs:

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Five things I think about the Birds

  1. I think, even more so than after the Eagles’ upset of the Rams, that regardless of whether this team makes it into the playoffs, fans have reason to respect the way this group battled to close the year. Barring an absolute stinker vs. Washington, the 2018 Eagles will go down as true fighters, even if their early and mid-season inconsistencies prevented the team from living up to expectations.
  2. I think that anyone who can’t acknowledge that Nick Foles has been an absolute baller over his last two seasons on this team is fooling themselves. Is Carson Wentz the superior long-term prospect? Yes. But has Foles time and time again come up huge when he’s needed most? Yes, yes, yes! This is a great problem to have, so in between exhausting — and largely pointless — arguments about liking Foles or liking Wentz rather than just liking them both, be sure to put some respect on Nicky Franchise’s name.
  3. I think it’s fair to wonder if the Eagles would consider keeping Nick Foles in the lineup if the team makes the playoffs with him under center. We all know Wentz will be itching to get back in, but think about it: If you’re Doug Pederson and you have a chance to a.) keep Wentz out of harm’s way until 2019 and b.) stick with the hot hand that’s very clearly helped propel the team back into the postseason picture to begin with, I’d imagine it’d be at least a little difficult to pull the plug on Foles if he lights up Washington and the Eagles get in.
  4. I think I’m undecided on what I, personally, would do at quarterback in the event the Eagles get in. I’m on record as a Grade-A Wentz supporter, and I still believe he is the rightful future of this franchise. But I’m also a big fan of Foles the man, story and quarterback, and it’s clear this offense has taken a step forward with him on the field — however you want to frame or explain it. So let’s see how Week 17 goes, and let’s see if we get any updates on Wentz’s health. At the very least, this will make for a crazy storyline.
  5. I think it would be really, really fun to watch this team in a playoff game. So let’s go, Matt Nagy. Do your old friends in Philly a favor and show up next Sunday.

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