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Eagles punt coverage did not capitalize on an excellent punt by Cam Johnston

The punter did not look happy that his teammates allowed a touchback.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, I wrote about how great Eagles punter Cam Johnston has been this season, and, in addition to being one of the best punters in the league this season, has also made a body-slam tackle and not shied away from getting in his opponent’s face.

Johnston nailed an 81-yard punt in the Eagles preseason opener, but his work on Sunday against the Texans had the potential to top that moment. Following the Houston touchdown to narrow the Eagles lead to six in the fourth quarter, the Eagles next drive ended with Johnston giving the punt coverage team a chance to spot the ball inside the five yard line. But they didn’t.

Instead, the ball bounced into the endzone for a touchback, putting the Texans in a much better position to score — which they did, and took the lead 30-29.

And while the Eagles came back for the win, it was still a mistake that the punt coverage team cannot be making. Johnston was seen (justifiably) upset following the mistake, and the whole group should practice taking advantage of such a good punt.

Johnston finished Week 16 with two punts for 96 yards (totaling 2,814 yards this season), but Eagles fans everywhere could have breathed a little easier in the closing minutes of Sunday’s game had they just stopped the ball near the one.

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