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Saints players seemingly refer to the Eagles as “fraudulents”

Tempting fate.

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NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at New Orleans Saints The Daily Advertiser-USA TODAY N

Two Saints players seemingly took a shot at the Philadelphia Eagles following New Orleans’ three-point home win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday evening.

Mark Ingram doesn’t mention the Eagles by name here but c’mon, we know who he’s talking about.

The Eagles’ use of ski masks started to get a lot of attention following Philly’s win over the Los Angeles Rams last week. The movement picked up more steam with the Eagles defeating the Houston Texans on Sunday. Eagles fans at Lincoln Financial Field were going crazy as the big screen showed Chris Long wearing a ski mask on the sideline after strip-sacking Deshaun Watson at a crucial point in the game.

In fairness to the Saints, it does seem like they were doing the ski mask thing before the Eagles. Here’s an October article that indicates as much.

Still, I don’t think the Saints have much to gain here. They’re just potentially giving the Eagles more bulletin board material should these two teams potentially meet in the playoffs.

The Saints absolutely walloped the Eagles earlier this season back in Week 11. Sean Payton ran up the score in a 48 to 7 win.

The Saints haven’t looked quite as dominant since then, however. They lost in Dallas, struggled against the Bucs for a half, and only beat a bad Panthers team by three points. Then they narrowly escaped with a win at home over Pittsburgh. There’s thought the Saints may have peaked too early.

Maybe the Eagles and Saints meet in the 2019 playoffs and New Orleans manages to “beat the shit out of” Philly like Kamara said would’ve happened last year.

(Of course, the Saints didn’t have the opportunity to beat the Eagles in the 2018 postseason because they choked. The Eagles then beat the shit out of the team that the Saints couldn’t beat by a score of 38 to 7. Then the Eagles won the Super Bowl.)

Or ... maybe an Eagles team that’s getting hot and potentially heading into the playoffs is going to make the Saints regret talking so much shit.

I mean, things don’t always work out so well when you label the Eagles as “frauds.”

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