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Eagles vs. Texans Final Score: Philadelphia still alive after beating Houston in dramatic fashion, 32-30

Not dead yet!

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Houston Texans v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images


The Eagles did it again! They’re still alive after being the Texans in dramatic fashion, 32 to 30. And so it all comes down to Week 17.


Eagles 12th drive: Eagles take over at their own 11-yard line with 2:00 left on the clock. Eagles have two timeouts to work with. Eagles get to 3rd-and-10 ... and Foles throws a jump ball to Jeffery, who makes the catch! But Foles is hit hard on the play and he’s hurt. The Texans are called for roughing the passer. Eagles at their own 45-yard line. Nate Sudfeld in the game and his throw is wide and incomplete. Foles comes back in to applause from fans at the Linc. Foles throws deep to Agholor but it’s incomplete. On 3rd-and-10, Foles floats a pass to Ertz, who is able to get out of bounds at the Texans’ 35-yard line. BDN keeps coming up clutch. Foles’ first down throw to Sproles is dropped. Eagles run a draw to Sproles, who takes the ball 16 yards to the Eagles’ 19-yard line. Eagles run with Sproles again for no gain and then call a timeout with the clock at 11 seconds. Sproles runs again for two yards and Elliott is in for the field goal attempt as the Eagles take their final timeout. The 35-yard try is ... delayed ... as the Texans take their final timeout. Elliott’s kick is up ... and ... it’s ... GOOD! The Eagles win and stay alive in the NFC playoff picture! EAGLES WIN, 32 to 30.

Texans 11th drive: Eagles have a chance to pin the Texans deep but Deiondre’ Hall and LaRoy Reynolds combine to mess up downing the punt. Bad mistake causes the Texans to start at the 20-yard line instead of inside the 5-yard line. Texans move to their own 45-yard line after a Watson run and illegal contact penalty. Long sacks Watson once again. Watson slips as he throws and his pass is incomplete to set up 3rd-and-11. Need a big stop here. Watson breaks out of FOUR sack attempts and fires a throw down the field for a first down. Wow. Bad tackling but hell of a job by Watson. Texans get into another 3rd-and-11 ... and Watson airs it out deep for a touchdown. Just a great throw and catch. Douglas beat in coverage by ... Vyncent Smith? The play is reviewed and confirmed. Texans lead, 30 to 29.

Eagles 11th drive: Boston Scott fights through contact on a 35-yard kick return to put the Eagles at their own 45. Good starting field position. Adams runs for two yards and the Texans take their first timeout. Foles throws to Agholor to bring up 3rd-and-3. Texans call their second timeout. Foles’ third down throw to Golden Tate is broken up by Dylan Cole. Eagles have to punt.

Texans 10th drive: Texans start at their own 45-yard line with 5:21 remaining. LeBlanc called for a BS personal foul penalty after a Texans catch for a first down. Super late flag, too. Texans false start sets them back five yards. Doesn’t matter, though, as Watson fires a pass to Hopkins to set up 2nd-and-1. Just a great diving catch. Texans move into the red zone with the clock continuing to tick. Watson scrambles and throws a touchdown to keep Houston alive. Game is far from over. Eagles lead, 29 to 23.

Eagles 10th drive: Eagles take over at their own 24-yard line with 6:58 left to play. Foles to Goedert for a first down. Then Adams fumbles and the Texans recover. Uh oh.

Texans 9th drive: LaRoy Reynolds trucks the SHIT out of Carter on the kickoff return. Geez. Texans take over at their own 23-yard line with just over 10 minutes remaining. Watson makes a real impressive throw on the run to move the chains. Texans get into 3rd-and-1 and TREYVON HESTER sacks Watson to bring up 4th-and-9. The Texans go for it ... and Watson throws short of the sticks. He’s easily tackled by Suuuuuuuuuuul. Turnover on downs.

Eagles 9th drive: Eagles somehow take a delay of game penalty on first down. Foles throws to Agholor to bring up 2nd-and-2 from the Texans’ 36-yard line. Adams dances around in the backfield and finds room for a first down. Foles floats a pass to a WIDE OPEN Ertz, who actually makes some defenders miss (!) on his way to the end zone! Elliott misses the extra point. Not idael. Eagles lead, 29 to 16.

Texans 8th drive (continued): Texans get called for an illegal block that knocks them back to the 41-yard line. Houston wide receiver Demaryius Thomas is carted off the field. Texans down to just three wide receivers. Watson’s 2nd-and-13 pass is nearly picked by Maddox! Dropped. On 3rd-and-13, Chris Long strip sacks Watson and it’s Cox who recovers! (Clear recovery!)


Texans 8th drive: Texans drive to the Eagles’ 31-yard line. Third quarter runs out.

Eagles 8th drive: Eagles start at their own 17-yard line. Foles drops back and airs it out deep ... right on the money to Agholor for an 83-yard EAGLES TOUCHDOWN. Agholor with the backwards plunge into the end zone. There’s the great play that makes up for a lot of the bad ones. Big Nick Energy. Eagles lead, 23 to 16.

Texans 7th drive: Cre’Von LeBlanc getting checked out in the medical tent. Watson’s 3rd-and-1 pass is high and out of bounds. Texans head coach Bill O’Brien helps the Eagles by punting on 4th-and-1 from the 49-yard line.

Eagles 7th drive: Foles completes over the middle to Jeffery, who breaks a tackle and runs down the field for a 52-yard gain. Foles throws to Darren Sproles to bring up 2rd-and-2. Then the Eagles run a screen to Richard Rodgers (?!) and it goes for a first. Dick Rod making an impact! Foles overthrows Ertz and then Goedert is called for holding. Eagles pushed back to the Texans’ 31-yard line. A screen to Jordan Matthews picks up only two yards. On 3rd-and-18, the Eagles run ... a coward’s draw with Sproles for no gain. Great. Why not tak a shot there with the Texans missing three cornerbacks: Kayvon Webster, Kareem Jackson, and Johnathan Joseph? Jake Elliott’s 47-yard field goal attempt is good. Tie game, 16 to 16.

Texans 6th drive: Texans get to 3rd-and-11. Douglas tackles DeAndre Carter on a screen to force the punt. Good job by the defense to bail Foles out.

Eagles 6th drive: Foles to Ertz for a first down. He fumbles and Goedert recovers. That’s one way to set the record. Adams get stopped for another loss but the Texans are called for being offside. Eagles get to 4th-and-1 and Foles sneaks it for the first down. Then Foles throws a terrible pick to Texans linebacker Benardrick McKinney.


Eagles 5th drive: Eagles start at their own 25-yard with a little over a minute left in the first half. Two timeouts to work with. Eagles move to their 43-yard line and call their second timeout. Foles makes a great throw from his back foot to Nelson Agholor along the sideline ... and naturally it’s called back due to holding. Lol. The Eagles call a screen to get to 3rd-and-3 and then Foles completes it over the middle for a first down at the Texans’ 48-yard line. Eagles take their final timeout with 27 seconds remaining. Foles checks down to Smallwood for a 4-yard gain and then clocks it with 10 seconds left. Foles throws quick to Ertz, who gets tackled in bounds as the clock runs out. What was that??? Why no hail mary attempt? Agholor spotted yelling at Mike Groh after the play. Hmmm. Also, Jeffery not on the field due to cramping. Side note: Ertz is now tied with Jason Witten for the all-time NFL single-season lead in tight end receptions.

Texans 5th drive: Refs call a “lowering the helmet” penalty on Tre Sullivan and the Texans are down to the Eagles’ 32-yard line. Avonte Maddox with sticky coverage on Demaryius Thomas as Watson throws deep and out of the end zone. Watson is hit hard by Brandon Graham as he throws and the ref immediately throws a flag for roughing the passer. Absolute horse shit call. What is Graham supposed to do differently there? He didn’t even land on Watson with his weight. Horrible. Somehow THAT’S a penalty and what Clowney did to Foles wasn’t. Watson ends up rushing for another touchdown thanks to the refs. Texans lead, 16 to 13.

Eagles 4th drive: Foles sails another pass but the Texans are called for defensive holding. Adams is tackled for a 2-yard loss. The rookie is struggling to find running room. Sproles takes the handoff and runs for 11 yards. He gets up and seemingly yells “GIVE ME THE F**ING BALL!” The Eagles give Sproles what he wants by having Foles throw to Sproles for another big gain on a wheel route. Unstoppable on that play. Foles to Ertz puts the Eagles at the Texans’ 15-yard line. On 3rd-and-1, the Eagles lose two yards on an Adams rushing attempt. Foles throws to a wide open Goedert on fourth and he goes into the end z— nope. He gets the first but slips short of the goal line. Tough one. Foles’ first two goal-to-go passes are incomplete. Foles’ third down pass is thrown out of the end zone but the refs call roughing the passer on the Texans. Generous! Adams runs for a touchdown but Vaitai is called for holding and that knocks the Eagles back to the 11-yard line. Then there’s a delay of game penalty, great! Foles to Ertz to get to the 10-yard. Foles’ second down pass is incomplete. Foles had Jeffery open earlier but couldn’t get it to him. Foles completes to Ertz again to the 1-yard line. Doug Pederson is going for it yet again on fourth down. Foles completes it to Ertz for the touchdown. Nice job by the offense to bounce back. Pederson also decides to go for the two-point conversion. Foles is sacked by Clowney ... via a facemask takedown. Somehow there’s no penalty flag. Foles is PISSED. What the f*** are you even looking at, refs? That’s a pathetic no call. Eagles lead, 13 to 9.

Texans 4th drive: Texans take over at the 5-yard line and Watson runs it in for a touchdown. Texans miss the PAT kick, though. Texans lead, 9 to 7.

Eagles 3rd drive: Holding penalty on De’Vante Bausby during the punt causes the Eagles to start at their own 10-yard line. Big V is still in the game at left tackle, Peters hasn’t been able to return. Adams runs for four yards. Foles is strip-sacked after Dallas Goedert fails to block Jadeveon Clowney. Texans recover. Terrible ball security from Wentz!

Texans 3rd drive: Texans start at their own 25-yard line. Eagles defense gets Houston into 3rd-and-10. Watson checks down to Blue, who takes it one yard short of the marker. Good tackling. Texans get called for delay of game and then punt.

Eagles 2nd drive: New Eagles running back Boston Scott back to receive the kickoff and he takes it to the 29-yard line. Foles has Ertz open on first down but he throws it a tad too high. Doug Pederson runs on 2-and-15, not great. Foles’ third down pass to Alshon Jeffery is complete short of the sticks. Cameron Johnston in for the punt.

Texans 2nd drive (continued): Watson’s third down pass is thrown high and out of the endzone. Incomplete. Texans settle for the 30-yard field goal attempt and it’s good. Also, Chris Long is cleared to return after being evaluated for a head injury. Eagles lead, 7 to 3.


Texans 2nd drive: Watson completes three straight passes to move the Texans to the Eagles’ 39-yard line. And then a fourth to DeAndre Hopkins to put the Texans at the 21-yard line. Pass rush not getting enough pressure early on. And as I write, Watson scrambles himself into a sack by ... Daeshon Hall!? First of his NFL career! Fletcher Cox tackles D’Onta Foreman to bring up 3rd-and-11. Watson runs forward with nothing but grass in front of him for a first down. Rasul Douglas tackles Foreman for a 3-yard loss, nice job of sniffing that out. Texans get to 3rd-and-6 on the 7-yard line ... and there’s a false start. Clock runs out on the first quarter. Also, Chris Long is hurt.

Eagles 1st drive: Nick Foles throws behind a wide open Zach Ertz on first down. Josh Adams gets the first carry of the game and it goes for two yards. On 3rd-and-8, Ertz makes a diving catch to move the chains. Eagles get to 3rd-and-3 and Adams rumbles forward for another first. Jason Peters comes out of the game, Halapoulivaati Vaitai in at left tackle. Wendell Smallwood gets absolutely lit up on a screen. Foles to Ertz again to bring up 3rd-and-5. Then again for another first down. Carson Wentz still force feeding the ball to Ertz from the sidelines! Foles targets Alshon Jeffery deep but the receiver is well defended and can’t make the play on the ball. On 3rd-and-11, Foles completes a pass to Golden Tate short of the sticks. On 4th-and-2, Foles throws to Darren Sproles on a wheel, and the 35-year-old makes multiple defenders miss on his way to the end zone! Wow. 37-yard touchdown. Good stuff by Big Balls Doug. Eagles lead, 7-0.

Texans 1st drive: Former Eagles receiver DeAndre Carter takes it out to the Texans’ 33-yard line. Timmy Jernigan with the tackle on Alfred Blue on a 3-yard carry. Deshaun Watson overthrows his receiver on second down. On 3rd-and-7, Watson checks down to Blue and Nigel Bradham tackles him short of the sticks. Good start by Jim Schwartz’s unit.

Coin toss: Eagles win the toss, elect to defer. Texans will receive first.


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Here we go again.

After scoring an unexpected win against the Los Angeles Rams last week, the Philadelphia Eagles return home to try to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Beating the Houston Texans doesn’t figure to be easy. The Texans didn’t win 10 games by accident.

But don’t you get the feel there’s just something special going on with this Eagles team? Didn’t you get vibes of the 2017 season last week?

Nick Foles being under center obviously has an impact in that regard. But so does the fact that the rest of the team really stepped up around him. The Eagles might need another one of those performances against Houston.

We’ll soon see if last week’s effort was a sign of things to come or if it was merely a final blip on the radar.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to watch the game.

TV Schedule

Date: Sunday, December 23, 2018

Time: 1:00 PM ET

Channel: CBS

Announcers: Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts, Evan Washburn (field reporter)

Referee: John Parry (Eagles 14-7 in 21 games)

Location: Lincoln Financial Field | Philadelphia, Pennslyvania

NFL Network replay: TBA

Radio: SportsRadio 94WIP | SIRIUS: 111 (Hou), 82 (Phi) | XM: 387 (Hou), 227 (Phi)

Online Streaming



Per Bovada, the Eagles are favored.

Houston Texans +2.5 (-110)

Philadelphia Eagles -2.5 (-110)

History Lesson

The Eagles are 4-0 all-time in four all-time regular season appearances against the Texans. The closest margin of victory was by 10 points, twice. Philadelphia was also undefeated (6-0) against Houston’s former NFL team, the Oilers (now the Titans).

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Eagles 2018 Regular Season Schedule

Week 1 - vs. Atlanta Falcons (Sept. 6, 8:20 PM ET, NBC) NFL Kickoff Game

Week 2 - at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Sept. 16, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)

Week 3 - vs. Indianapolis Colts (Sept. 23, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)

Week 4 - at Tennessee Titans (Sept. 30, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)

Week 5 - vs. Minnesota Vikings (Oct. 7, 4:25 PM ET, FOX)

Week 6 - at New York Giants (Oct. 11, 8:20 PM ET, FOX/NFLN) Thursday Night Football

Week 7 - vs. Carolina Panthers (Oct 21, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)

Week 8 - at Jacksonville Jaguars (Oct. 28, 9:30 AM ET, NFLN) London Game

Week 9 - BYE (Nov. 4)

Week 10 - vs. Dallas Cowboys (Nov. 11, 8:20 PM ET, NBC) Sunday Night Football

Week 11 - at New Orleans Saints (Nov. 18, 4:25 PM ET, FOX)

Week 12 - vs. New York Giants (Nov. 25, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)

Week 13 - vs. Washington Redskins (Dec. 3, 8:15 PM ET, ESPN) Monday Night Football

Week 14 - at Dallas Cowboys (Dec. 9, 4:25 PM ET, FOX)

Week 15 - at Los Angeles Rams (Dec. 16, 8:20 PM ET, NBC) Sunday Night Football

Week 16 - vs. Houston Texans (Dec. 23, 1:00 PM ET, CBS)

Week 17 - at Washington Redskins (Dec. 30, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)

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