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12 terrible Eagles gifts for the holidays

Krampus is coming to town

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Ah, the holidays. You get all year to plan for it, and then mid-December rolls around and you have no idea what to get someone for a gift. We can’t really help you decide what to get, but we can help you decide what not to get. Here’s 12 things you absolutely should not buy for the fellow Eagles fans in your life.

Sweater for the colorblind

Whatever your opinion on ugly Christmas sweaters, I think we can agree on this:

There is nothing uglier or worse than an Eagles logo on Cowboys colors.

One use game

When I was a very little kid the Yellow Pages produced a New Jersey trivia game. You worked your way up or down the turnpike, progressing by answering questions from Trivial Pursuit-like cards of different categories. We only played it when we wanted a challenge, because by the time I was old enough to remember playing it, much of the trivia was hopelessly out of date. Who won was irrelevant, simply getting a question right was an achievement. I thought of this game when I saw this:

There are reviews from prior to the 2017 Eagles season, so unless it’s been updated it’s already out of date, and even if it has been updated it’ll be out of date in the near future.

Why bother


Once the snow falls you won’t see the Eagles logo anymore.

On a wing and a prayer

Eagles don’t have arms, they have wings.

What women don’t want

If you want to ruin Christmas, buy your wife or girlfriend a muumuu that looks like a ref’s jersey.

Seriously: no

I don’t have anything smartass to say about this. Just consumer advice: this is relatively high on the Amazon search results and it’s from 2004. Like passes to Tom Brady, it’s incomplete. And beware any “greatest games” sets too.

Poor graphic design hoodie

The PIII Eagles are my favorite football squadron.

Back to the future

If it had a throwback logo I would just assume they’ve had these in storage since 1992 and are trying to move them.


I didn’t think it was possible to ruin a Randall Cunningham jersey, but it is. They also have one for Reggie White and Brian Dawkins.

Location, location, location!

Just what you want when you live in New Jersey or any other state that isn’t Pennsylvania.

Still Fly

How do you do fellow kids?

Company gift?

If BGN and BSH ever merged.

Happy holidays.

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