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Nick Foles odds have Eagles quarterback favored to land with an NFC East rival in 2019

What does the future hold?

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants
“I’m coming to steal your job, Eli.”

A lot of focus is rightfully on the 2018 season as the Eagles attempt to make a playoff push, but it’s hard not to wonder about what the future holds for Philadelphia’s quarterback position. Especially as it relates to reigning Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles.

It obviously remains to be seen how the rest of 2018 plays out, so let’s focus on what we DO know about this situation as it currently stands.

Following the Eagles’ Super Bowl run, Foles and the team agreed to a revised contract. The new deal gave him a raise and additional incentives for 2018. It also gave him a “mutual option” for the 2019 season. The way this option works is that the Eagles can pick up his $20 million salary in 2019 if they so choose. If Foles is cool with his option being picked up, he’ll happily take that money. If Foles feels like he can get more money and/or playing time elsewhere, Foles can pay the Eagles back $2 million to void the 2019 option and become a free agent.

It seems unlikely the Eagles will want to keep Foles at a $20.6 million cap figure in 2019. Philadelphia is already tight on cap space; NFL salary cap site OverTheCap currently projects the Eagles to be $8.9 million OVER the cap limit in 2019.

Even if the Eagles do pick up his option, it’s entirely possible Foles feels like he could have a better option on the open market. Or perhaps the Eagles will try to work with Foles to get him traded elsewhere. It’s also possible Foles just retires, especially since the 30-year-old has already given weight to that idea in the past.

There’s plenty of time to see how this situation shakes out. In the meantime, it’s interesting to look at the NFL betting odds regarding Foles’ future. The latest odds from Bovada have Foles favored to be a Week 1 starting quarterback in 2019.

These odds mean that you’d have to bet $220 just to win $100 in the event of “Yes.” If you don’t think Foles will be a Week 1 starter, you can bet $100 to win $155.

But which team will Foles potentially be starting for? If the odds are any indication, it won’t be Philadelphia. The Eagles aren’t even on the list. Instead, it’s a rival NFC East that’s favored to be Foles’ landing spot.

With news that the Giants are seemingly committed to Eli Manning for at least 2019 (and maybe even longer?!), it doesn’t seem like Foles will be replacing the G-Men’s starting quarterback. But it’s not impossible, and Foles has an obvious connection with his former offensive coordinator, Pat Shurmur.

As you can see, the Giants aren’t the only NFC East near the top of the list: Washington is also mentioned. Their quarterback situation is real murky given Alex Smith’s leg injury. There’s some talk that he might never play again, although we don’t know that for sure. Washington’s desperation for an answer at quarterback could cause them to aggressively go after Foles.

The Jaguars could easily be after No. 9. They’ll likely take a quarterback high in the 2019 NFL Draft but they could use Foles as a bridge quarterback.

Again, there’s still plenty of time for all of this to be figured out. This is just an early look ahead to an interesting situation set to take place this offseason.


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