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Nick Foles spoke to reporters, but the highlight was his shoes

All the Eagles QB cares about is that they’re comfy.


Eagles quarterback Nick Foles spoke to the media on Wednesday, and what he talked about wasn’t really the highlight, but rather his choice of footwear. As he took the stage, he joked that they were “comfy”, his little five-finger shoes.

He said that it was a new fashion choice, and he’s been wearing them around the house and figured he’d wear them to the facility to try them out — noting his wife (accurately) thought it was a little silly.

Foles said he doesn’t really care what they look like as long they’re comfy, and admitted it was the comfort, not a shoe deal, as the reason he chose them. He also joked that after wearing cleats all your life your toes don’t look so good, so these are fixing his toes, too.

He went on to talk about how he was ready to jump back in as the starter, and how his focus was on being comfortable in the offense and being able to just read and react, and not overthink things — but let’s be honest, the shoes were what really stood out.

I can totally respect putting comfort above all else, but maybe just go barefoot. Or get some slippers.


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