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Doug Pederson channels Stone Cold Steve Austin for his Eagles postgame victory speech


NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Doug Pederson’s postgame victory speech following the Philadelphia Eagles’ 30-23 win over the Los Angeles Rams was EASILY his best from the 2018 season. It only makes sense since it was the most enjoyable win of the year.

Watch Dougie P kick things off in Stone Cold Steve Austin fashion with “I NEED TO HEAR A HELL YEAH!”

DOUG PEDERSON: Nice job, men! Nice job! Hey, listen. This is a complete, COMPLETE team effort tonight against a fine football team. And the more we go through games like this, it brings you closer and closer together. This is heck of a football team you just beat. [...] We come to work on Wednesday, roll up our sleeves, we put this one behind us and we push forward. Proud of every single one of you men.

Malcolm Jenkins then breaks it down in the team huddle.

MALCOLM JENKINS: At the end of the day, man, that’s what it look like when we play as a team, when we have some f***ing fun, man. Getting back to what we do, man. celebrating, having fun, scoring, playing as a team, all three phases. That’s what we’re going to need every f***ing week now. Put your mind to it that that’s how it’s gotta be. We’re going to have some fun than anybody in this f***ing league, man. Every week, man, it starts in practice. Family on three. 1-2-3, FAMILY!

More than ever, 2018 is starting to feel like 2017 again.

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