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These can’t be real Eagles fans, can they?

What is this.

So, here’s a picture that was apparently taken near Arrowhead Stadium prior to the Kansas City Chiefs versus Los Angeles Chargers matchup on Thursday Night Football.

I mean ... I can’t help but wonder if these are even real Eagles fans.

No one is denying Doug Pederson hasn’t had a great season. But, uh, are we forgetting that he helped the Eagles win their first Super Bowl just 10 months ago?

Are we also forgetting that Andy Reid is a fantastic regular season coach who has struggled in the postseason?

These same people would probably be complaining about him not running the ball ... or his clock management by Week 5, if not sooner.

I have no problem with people who still want to support Big Red. With the Eagles likely not to make the playoffs this year, I’m going to be rooting for the Chiefs. Truth be told, I can’t say I would’ve felt great about Andy winning a title with KC before the Eagles won one. Now that the Eagles have their Lombardi Trophy, I wouldn’t mind seeing Reid finally get his.

Rooting for Andy is one thing. Going to a game with these signs? This ain’t it, chief.

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