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Carson Wentz injury updates: Eagles quarterback has back fracture [UPDATE]

More news on Philadelphia’s quarterback situation.

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UPDATED STORY: Multiple reports indicate Carson Wentz has a fracture in his back.

From Adam Schefter:

A recent CT scan on Carson Wentz’s back revealed a fractured vertebrae that, if allowed time to rest, would fully heal without further expected issues, sources tell ESPN. There will be a continued evaluation to determine if continuing to play this year will make injury worse.

From Ian Rapoport:

Sources: A battery of tests revealed that Eagles QB Carson Wentz has a fracture in his back. The team did CT scans throughout the season, but none revealed the fracture until now. The team is still determining if there is any risk of continuing to play. No surgery necessary.

As noted below, Jason Myrtetus was first to report Wentz has had a fracture in his back. Myrtetus also said Wentz “was not made aware of the results of the scan.” That seems like a pretty horrible look for the Eagles medical staff.

At least the good news is that Wentz is expected to heal without surgery?


Multiple updates have emerged regarding the status of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz since it was first reported he’s dealing with back issues that will likely cause him to miss Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Rams.

First, we have this from Adam Schefter:

Carson Wentz underwent a scan on his back Wednesday that was inconclusive and was scheduled to undergo an MRI today on his back to help diagnosis an issue that has plagued him for several weeks, per source. Wentz unlikely to play Sunday night vs. Rams.

Well, that’s not what anyone wants to hear. Considering this is a back issue, and back issues are no joke, you would hope Wentz’s ailment would be simple to diagnose. Not that he has to undergo even more testing.

In addition to Schefter’s report, Ian Rapoport had this to say during a Good Morning Football appearance on Thursday:

The Eagles are still getting more information medically on Carson Wentz. They’re trying to make a final determination. It does seem that his status for Sunday is pretty settled. Nick Foles, the Super Bowl MVP who started the first couple of games in relief of Wentz as he tried to get back from that torn ACL and LCL, he is expected to playing. Nick Foles has been preparing to be the starter.

But the real question now, as far as I understand it, is: “Is Carson Wentz going to play again for the rest of the season?” Some of that might actually depend on the result from this weekend’s game. If the Eagles lose, there really is no point of bringing Wentz back from his back injury, which, by the way, actually he’s been dealing with since October. He’s been on the injury report, off the injury report. This has been something that’s kind of been reoccurring this season. If the Eagles do win, then maybe they hold out hold and say ‘Could [we] potentially bring Wentz back on some level?’

But either way, they should have more information very soon to help settle their quarterback situation.

Now, this report sounds a little more encouraging because it seems like Wentz could be healthy enough to play as soon as next week but the Eagles might be considering holding him out if they don’t beat the Rams. That sentiment would hopefully imply there’s no long-term concern here.

And then there’s this, a report from 97.5 The Fanatic radio host Jason Myrtetus.

Source: Carson Wentz has had a fracture in his back but was not made aware of the results of the scan. Some players are aware of the situation and what I am told this has caused a huge issue internally.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhh, that sure doesn’t sound good!

Honestly, I’m not sure what to make of all this. The only thing we know for sure is there seems to be some kind of issue with Wentz’s back. The obvious hope is that it’s not a serious, long-term issue.

This situation raises serious questions about a new Eagles medical staff that was already (rightfully) facing scrutiny this season. Again, Wentz was listed on the injury report with back issues as early as Week 7.

The 2018 Eagles season has been disappointing for many reasons. This Wentz injury stuff is just the latest heap of crap on the pile. The potential long-term implications of his status now loom large over the franchise as well.

Not great!

UPDATE: And now here’s a report that Wentz is getting multiple opinions on his back, including ones outside of the aforementioned Eagles medical staff.

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