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Eagles fans AND Cowboys fans are taking Philadelphia to win on Sunday night

FanPulse update

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

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Let’s take stock of the NFC East heading into NFL Week 10 based on SB Nation’s latest FanPulse numbers.

Week 10 NFC East FanPulse Overview

Team Week 9 Confidence Week 10 Confidence Change Record
Team Week 9 Confidence Week 10 Confidence Change Record
Washington 83% 41% -42% 5-3
Eagles 65% 73% 8% 4-4
Cowboys 29% 25% -4% 3-5
Giants 11% 12% 1% 1-7


Washington saw a huge drop in fan confidence following their 38-14 home loss to the Atlanta Falcons. It wasn’t just the loss that has Washington fans feeling bad, of course. It’s also the fact they lost both of their starting guards and their top wide receiver for the rest of the season.

Despite this confidence loss, Hogs Haven readers are still projecting Washington to win on the road against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by an average of three points. Bucs fans, meanwhile, are expecting their team to lose by an average of one point.

If Washington loses on Sunday, they’ll be 5-4. Philadelphia will then have a chance to move into first place in the NFC East with a win over Dallas. The Eagles would own the tie-breaker over Washington due to record in common games (4-2 over 3-3).


The reigning Super Bowl champions saw a slight increase in fan confidence coming out of the bye week. It’s hard not to feel more optimistic about the Eagles after seeing both Washington and Dallas falter. Not to mention that Philadelphia’s offense could be improved with the addition of Golden Tate.

The Eagles MUST capitalize on a golden opportunity to advance to 5-4 and effectively end the Cowboys’ season in the process on Sunday Night Football. It’s an absolutely critical game to win.

Eagles fans are feeling VERY confident going into this specific matchup. FanPulse results show that Eagles fans expect their favorite team to win by an average of 10 points. Division games can be closer than expected, yes, but I don’t think you can take a blowout off the table. Eagles fans expected a close game against the Giants earlier this season and Philly blew the doors off New York.


The Cowboys’ fan confidence only dropped by four percent heading into Week 10. It’s worth noting that FanPulse voting started before the Cowboys’ loss to the Titans on Monday night, however, so their actual confidence number is probably even lower than indicated.

Cowboys fans are expecting Dallas to lose by an average of three points in Philadelphia. Some Cowboys fans even want to see Dallas lose so that there’s a better chance Jerry Jones cleans house.


Giants fans are feeling much better after the bye! Their confidence rating went up by a whopping one percent.

Giants fans are only expecting New York to lose by an average of two points to the San Francisco 49ers on Monday Night Football. 49ers fans, meanwhile, are expecting a win by an average of six points.

Call me crazy but I think the Giants might actually win this game. I don’t think they’re going winless over the rest of the season. And who knows, maybe undrafted rookie free agent Nick Mullens looks terrible in his second start?

Eagles fans should want to see the Giants win so that they screw up their positioning in the 2019 NFL Draft. Make it harder for them to get their top quarterback choice.


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