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Gauging Eagles fan confidence heading into crucial Week 13 game

FanPulse update.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

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By defeating the New York Giants on Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles managed to keep their 2018 season alive. But it’s not like the Eagles looked super awesome in the process. It’s fair to wonder just how much confidence the reigning Super Bowl champions are inspiring right now. Thanks to BGN’s FanPulse results, we have an answer:

As you can see, Eagles fans are about as confident in this team as they were following the Week 7 Panthers loss and heading into the Week 8 Jaguars game. In other words, barely beating the Giants hardly has people convinced this team is back on track. And understandably so.

With that said, fans are still rooting for the team to win. FanPulse’s polling showed that 97% of voters would rather see the Eagles try to win than to intentionally lose for a draft pick. That only makes sense given that the team is still very much alive in the NFC East.

For what it’s worth, Redskins fans are taking the Eagles to beat Washington on Monday Night Football. Hogs Haven’s FanPulse results show they think Washington is going to lose by an average of one point. Washington’s overall confidence rating (44%) is just six points about Philadelphia’s mark (38%):

Elsewhere in the NFC East, the Cowboys are expecting Dallas to lose to the Saints on Thursday Night Football by an average of five points. New Orleans fans are taking their side to win by an average of 12 points. It’d sure be nice to see the Saints blow out Dallas.

Interestingly enough, the Cowboys’ fan confidence meter (42%) is only 4% higher than the Eagles’ rating (38%).

Lastly, we have the New York Giants, whose confidence dropped from 41% to 14% after losing to the Eagles. The G-Men’s long-shot run at the playoffs is over but the majority fans are still rooting for wins. Only 32% of the polled fan base is rooting for the Giants to lose and get a better draft pick.


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