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Three Eagles MVPs from Week 12, plus five things I think about the Birds

A win is a win, baby

NFL: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Presenting The 60-Second Eagles Review, where we relive each 2018 Eagles game in no more than a minute, complete with a weekly trio of Birds MVPs:

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Five things I think about the Birds

  1. I think everyone who said the Eagles were dead after going down 19-3 can take a week to relax. Was Sunday’s win pretty? Heck no. Did the team still sound delusional after its 41-point waxing at the hands of the Saints in Week 11? Sure did. Are the Birds suddenly a juggernaut again? No way. But — cliche or not — a win is a win, and there’s no way you can take credit away from what Philly did in the second half vs. New York, blanking the Giants with fifth-stringers in the secondary and coming up big on offense when it counted. It’s a start.
  2. I think Josh Adams is actually good. The eye test (with a very small sample size) says he doesn’t do anything amazingly but rather a lot of things really well. Typically that kind of description is ultimately attached to a replaceable player, but how can you see the way he finds open space and not be mildly intrigued after watching months of no-gain Corey Clement carries up the middle?
  3. I think Golden Tate is still going to have a big game at some point. It’s not popular to say nice things about No. 19 right now, or at least the Eagles’ trade for him. But it’s not like Carson Wentz is terribly off target when throwing his way, and we saw a few more downfield wrinkles vs. the Giants. Maybe I’ll be dead wrong, but I could see him going for 80-90 yards during one of these home-stretch divisional games.
  4. I think Zach Ertz is so automatic that we’re going to start taking him for granted — if we aren’t already. This is a guy who, for a brief period in his career, battled drops and, of course, always seemed on the verge of finally “breaking out.” Now he’s probably the safest bet at tight end in all of football. That is nothing to sneeze at.
  5. I think the Eagles will beat Washington on “Monday Night Football.” Welcome back to the NFC East race, ladies and gentlemen.

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