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Eagles’ Michael Bennett gets called for a bogus penalty

This was a really, really bad call.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, so let’s talk about that horrible, no good, very bad roughing the penalty call against the EaglesMichael Bennett.

Just before halftime on Sunday against the Vikings, Bennett got the edge around Kyle Rudolph, and wrapped up Minnesota QB Kirk Cousins’ legs. With all the recent attention to how quarterbacks are going down, Bennett seems to make a safe decision in his takedown of Cousins.

Wrong. (I guess.)

The roughing the passer call ended up extending the drive for the Vikings, who then added another score to go up 17-3 heading into halftime. Erin Andrews said that players were screaming about the call heading into the locker room, as they should be given the growing evidence that it was a super bad call.

One of the bigger problems with the new roughing the passer rules this season, and how they are being enforced, is the large inconsistency from play-to-play. Michael Bennett drew a flag in Week 5, but Carson Wentz went down a similar way last week and it wasn’t a penalty.

I’m sure the Eagles will petition the NFL in the seconds that follow the clock hitting zero, asking for clarification on the call, but ultimately it won’t take that touchdown back from the Vikings or change the momentum shift heading into the half.

We’re over a quarter way through the 2018 regular season, and it doesn’t seem like we’re going to get any kind of consistency with these types of calls anytime soon.

But, seriously, they need to fix it.

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