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Giants lose on a very long field goal for the second year in a row

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before...

New York Giants v Carolina Panthers Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The New York Giants continue to be bad — like, really bad. The Giants lost on Sunday to Carolina, 33-31, after the Panthers nailed a 63-yard field goal as the clock hit zero.

(If that sounds familiar, the Eagles beat the Giants in similar fashion in 2017, when Jake Elliott made a 61-yard field goal, making the kicker a legend in Philly — and forcing Carson Wentz to pony up his game check.)

Week 5 was not kind to the Giants, who started the matchup with a botched punt by Odell Beckham Jr. that the Panthers recovered for a score, and rookie Saquon Barkley being sidelined after a late-game touchdown.

OBJ’s botched punt was even more contentious given his comments earlier in the week about some of the issues surrounding the Giants offense — and throwing a quarterback whose name rhymes with Schmeli Schmanning under the bus.

If there’s any good news for the 1-4 NFC East team, they snapped a 36-game streak in which they hadn’t scored more than 30 points. So, at least there’s that.