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Eagles still projected to have plenty of picks in the 2019 NFL Draft

The cupboard is hardly bare.

NFL: International Series-Philadelphia Eagles at Jacksonville Jaguars Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The cost of acquiring Golden Tate for the Eagles was shipping their third-round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft to the Detroit Lions. That’s hardly an insignificant asset to give up.

The good news is that the Eagles still have a lot of picks to work with in 2019. Here’s an updated look at their 10 projected selections in April:

1 - Eagles’ own pick

2 - Eagles’ own pick

2 - Acquired from the Baltimore Ravens

4 - Eagles’ own pick

4 - Projected compensatory pick (Trey Burton)

5 - Eagles’ own pick

6 - Eagles’ own pick

6 - Projected compensatory pick (Beau Allen)

6 - Projected compensatory pick (Patrick Robinson)

7 - Projected compensatory pick (LeGarrette Blount)

The three picks “missing” from this list include the third-rounder the Eagles sent to the Lions, a seventh-rounder (either the Eagles’ own pick or the Broncos’ pick from the Allen Barbre trade) used to acquire Jordan Mailata in the 2018 NFL Draft, and a conditional seventh-rounder sent to the Bears in exchange for Deiondre’ Hall.

The 10 picks the Eagles DO own are very valuable to an Eagles team that projects to be tight on cap space moving forward. Philadelphia is currently projected to be $6,355,470 OVER the cap in 2019. They can free up some significant space by moving on from some players, such as Nick Foles. But they’ll also have to pay to keep some of their own players, such as Carson Wentz. The Eagles will need to continue to add affordable, young talent through the draft in order to build around Wentz.

Having three picks guaranteed in the top 64, at worst, helps a little to take the sting out of the cost of acquiring Tate. Acquiring Baltimore’s 2019 second-round pick earlier this year was a clutch move by Howie Roseman. The move will look even better if the 4-4 Ravens continue to falter.

There’s certainly an argument to be made Roseman should’ve held on to the pick the Eagles used to acquire Tate. But even if there’s how you feel, you can at least take solace in the fact this team still has a number of assets to work with in 2019.

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