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NFL insider says Le’Veon Bell and DeSean Jackson aren’t getting traded

Expectations tempered.

Philadelphia Eagles v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The action prior to Tuesday’s 4:00 PM NFL trade deadline isn’t expected to feature some of the biggest names rumored to be on the market. NFL insider Adam Schefter said as much during an appearance on the 97.5 Morning Show on Tuesday morning.


Le’Veon Bell is not going to be traded. He can’t be traded because he cannot be traded until he signs his franchise tender. He has not signed that franchise tender. He is not in the Steelers’ building. It’s now 8:10 Eastern on Tuesday morning. There is no sign, no indication of when he’s coming in. Now, I guess he could show up in the next seven hours and sign that franchise tender and Pittsburgh would trade him. There’s [just] so much that would have to come together. And he hasn’t even talked to the Steelers about what it would take to come back, whether they’d put him on the exempt list for two weeks […] So Le’Veon Bell is not going to be traded by the trade deadline today. Allow me to report that to you directly. He’s not going to be traded. Because he can’t be traded.

The Eagles have been previously rumored to be interested in Bell. Jason La Canfora recently said that the Steelers are hopeful the Eagles will “rekindle their trade discussions” about him. But it appears you shouldn’t get your hopes up.


I’m told that the Buccaneers are not trading DeSean Jackson. You’ve got a head coach and a general manager that are fighting to keep their jobs. Why would they trade DeSean Jackson for a draft pick in 2019 when they might not even be able to make that pick? So I don’t believe that you’re going to see DeSean Jackson dealt today, either.

It was reported over the weekend that Jackson requested a trade out of Tampa. The Eagles could really use a deep threat, so bringing Jackson back home would make some sense, but it appears the Bucs are not willing to give him up.


I’ve not heard Nick Foles’ name once until you brought it up. And I guess I would say, who would be trading for him? Like what team would it be? Jacksonville’s not trading for a quarterback. So if you take Jacksonville out of the equation, give me a team out there you think would trade for a quarterback right now.

On Tuesday, La Canfora said Foles is among the “most realistic” group of players to be moved before the trade deadline. Schefter doesn’t see a market for the Super Bowl MVP, however.

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