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Are the Eagles breaking out a brand new jersey combination against the Jaguars in London? [UPDATE]

So here’s something.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: False alarm. The Eagles will go with white on white.

Original story below.

It seems like the Philadelphia Eagles might be unveiling a new uniform combination for their Week 8 game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in London.

Eagles fans Chris Roithmayr (@Rukka34) shared an interesting tweet on Saturday evening.

There’s some logic to this being true. The Eagles are the “away” team in London so it makes sense they’d be wearing a white top. The Jags wearing their all-black home uniforms also checks out.

Then there’s this tweet from the Eagles’ official account earlier this week:

The Eagles don’t usually tease their jersey decision like this, which leads one to believe there could be a new twist for Sunday’s game. And if you notice the right side of that tweet, there’s a white jersey over the black jersey, just like the new picture from Chris shows.

So, we’ll see.

In the past, the Eagles have only worn black pants with their black tops for the all-black combo. The Eagles also usually only wear white pants with their white tops. They wore white tops with midnight green pants only one time last year (Week 15 against the Giants).

If the Eagles go black pants with white tops, I wonder if they’d ever do midnight green tops with black pants in the future. That’d be interesting. They used midnight green pants with black tops a couple times in the mid-2000’s.

I’m all for trying out new jersey combination. White top with black bottoms isn’t necessarily super exciting to me but I’d like to see how it looks on game day.

It’s safe to say if the Eagles win on Sunday, they should probably wear these for the rest of the season. And if they lose, burn them and never do it again.

What’s your take on this potential new uniform combo?


What do you think of the Eagles’ white top, black pants uniform combination?

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